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David McElroy

TREASON is how to describe John McCain's S. 1867 up for a vote now. It will eliminate any pretense of federal respect for any of our God-given rights, any semblance of justice or a free society...

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Comment by David Jackson
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      People change, huh?

      I don't really care what made this man whatever he thinks he is, today. He was once a genuine American hero and seemed to be a man of considerable character, when so many have none. He is certainly a disappointment.


Comment by Psychictaxi
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Yes it is very sad for you controllers - here is a man who you clearly failed to instill the fear required for him to quietly lick your boots  - call him a terrorist and a psychopath and have your jackbooted minions 'reeducate' him with indefinite detention before another mind escapes the FemaNet.

Yes it is sad that people like you feel the need for ownership and control over the minds and actions of other humans (SLAVERY).  Sad indeed...  

Comment by Frank Henry
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 Remember the 2012 elections are coming...and the present congress is going.

Comment by Robert Bilyeu
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I personally happen to believe there are many good, honest, well intentioned people in law enforcement and in the military who take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Unfortunately, this oath becomes a mere formality when they are told they will obey their superiors or suffer the consequences and their immediate families depend upon them just as much as ours do.

We the people share a burden of the blame for our problems.  We want to purchase the best possible product at the lowest possible price then complain that we are losing our manufacturing jobs to China.  Isn't is funny that the more we own China, the less offensive the term Communism becomes.    We send a Senator or Representative to Congress to bring home monies to our home state then complain when a representative from a neighboring state offers a bill to access monies for his home state at our expense.

Finally, most voters, unfortunately, know more about movie and television personalities and sports figures than they do about politicians or statesmen.  Many are more concerned about a politician's verbal ability or their appearance than about their record.  If a man would lie to his wife or cheat a business partner, what is it that would make a person think that he wouldn't do the same to him.  Politicians are much more concerned about winning the next election than about what is best for America and as a result, they move to protect themselves with more and more regressive legislation against those they have been chosen to serve.

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