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Comment by Hawkeye
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Americans are what is wrong with America,and before we know it,those that carry two flags will be the majority.

Those in Congress,the Senate,and others in Washington still don`t like those that live outside their community,those that had less are still considered to be less.

Comment by PureTrust
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Society isn't crumbling. Society is being conquered.

What can a healthy man and woman do alone and free, out in the countryside, armed only with a knowledge of simple living? They can do a lot. They can figure out how to hunt. They can find and build shelter, and later crude housing. They can grow a garden. They can survive, prosper, grow, and raise a family.

If there are a dozen such couples out in nature, working together, they are virtually unconquerable by nature.

There aren't many free places in America where a dozen couples can freely go and start a life for themselves, from scratch. Much of the vacant land is owned by land barons who label it as private property. That which isn't own by the barons is owned by the Government, and can't be used to start a settlement. In addition, there are all kinds of hindering Government regulations that keep people from hunting, farming for themselves, and raising a family without intervention from schools and medical.

Is anyone unhappy with life? Is anyone frustrated with life? Does anyone turn to drugs for relief from reality?

The Power Elite are directing the people in Government in the ways to make society their slaves. The method is to herd the people into the cities, and make them work in offices and manufacturing plants to make all the toys that the Power Elite enjoy playing with. And the methods include dumbing the people down, getting them to ignore politics, focusing them on certain "media" pleasures, so that they don't realize that they are NOT free any longer.

The Power Elite entice people to help them by giving certain people - law enforcement and the TSA - fringe benefits. These people get to grope the privates of people simply going on their way, minding their own business. This is only one of the fringe benefit pleasures you get when you become a special worker for the Power Elite.

It's time to wake up, learn the law, and take back your life. A dozen families working together can do this, if they want to make it their focus. A dozen families can introduce a dozen more to life and liberty, and then the two dozen can find two dozen more, etc..

Society won't crumble. It will be converted into a vast Dictatorship, where the many will rule the few by force. We need to stop this from happening now. We ALL need to learn the law and use it... before it's too late.

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