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Comment by Larry Stuler
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     The slow erosion of freedom has been going on since the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence – do you really believe that the monarchy of Great Britain simply allowed their serfs to rebel and stop paying their tribute?  The Declaration’s main tenet that “all men are created equal” means that there could be no federal government regulatory agency, since if “all men are created equal”, no person or group of people, including government, could ever legally initiate force against any other person or group of people and, therefore, no way to steal the tribute that the monarchy demands.  The Constitution acknowledges this tenet by only granting the federal government jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians.  The Constitution could not grant the government any intrastate jurisdiction since “all men are created equal”.

          We have been slaves to the government for a long time – it was planned from the beginning.  The Founding Fathers were infiltrated by Great Britain’s bankers – Alexander Hamilton is the most notorious.


     Although Great Britain may have lost the American Revolution on the battlefield, it immediately sent in its bankers to slowly bankrupt America (the center of the world's banking is in London and note that while Europe is using the “Euro”, Great Britain continues to use the Pound) and then move forward under the foreign commerce clause where the government is sovereign.  This bankruptcy was accomplished in 1933 and the laws evidence this:  title 11 United States Code (USC), "Bankruptcy", is implemented by title 11 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), "Federal Elections" - America just elected a bankruptcy "administration". 


     However, since “all men are created equal”, simply bankrupting the government was not enough to exact the tribute that the monarchy of Great Britain demands.  In order to allow Great Britain to continue to enforce its “Stamp Act” (note that all internal duties were originally paid by stamp) it was necessary to slowly indoctrinate Americans that they must do two main things – have a birth certificate and apply for a Social Security #.


     The birth certificate is registering as a subject to the federal government.  The birth certificate is issued by the Department of Commerce.  Title 15 United States Code (USC), “Commerce”, is implemented by title 15 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), “Commerce and Foreign Trade”.  As noted above the only jurisdiction that the government has is foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians.  The legal term that the birth certificate signifies is the “ U.S. citizen”.  This term is defined at 26 USC section 2501(b) and exemplified at 26 CFR 25.2501-1(c) as a citizen born in one of the States who then establishes a residence in a U.S. possession ( Puerto Rico is used in the example) and, further, acquires U.S. possession citizenship.  Now who would ever relinquish sovereignty by acquiring U.S. possession citizenship?  No one would of course, but that is what the birth certificate signifies.  This is the 14th Amendment citizen – a person born in one of the States who is subject to its jurisdiction.  An American born in one of the States is sovereign and not subject to the very limited jurisdiction of the government, but by being considered a U.S. possession citizen one becomes subject to the government (Constitution grants the government control of its possessions – Article IV, Section 3).  The U.S. possessions are treated as foreign countries in the Internal Revenue Code, therefore, a “ U.S. citizen” living in the States is considered a foreigner.


     Now as a foreigner one may apply for a Social Security # - FICA is a U.S. possession tax (26 USC section 7655) – again, the government has no jurisdiction in the States since “all men are created equal” and whoever in whatever federal agency is simply another American with no jurisdiction over any other American.  The "Form SS-5" that you used to apply for a Social Security number is actually a federal employment form.  You joined the Merchant Marine and the S.S.# is your partnership number – you became a “taxpayer”.


     The definition of "taxpayer" is at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(5):  "Taxpayer means a citizen who has established or seeks to establish a construction reserve fund under the provisions of section 511 of the Act (Merchant Marine Act of 1936) and the regulations under this part, and may include a partnership.".  Further in this regulation at 26 CFR 2.1-1(b):  "Insofar as the computation and collection of taxes are concerned, other terms used in the regulations in this part, except as otherwise provided, have the same meaning as in the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations thereunder."


     The Declaration of Independence is the organic law of the land (see the beginning of volume 1, not title 1, of the USC) and this country was founded on the principle that "all men are created equal".  There was no such thing as a "taxpayer".  During the bankruptcy implementation of the 1930’s the bankers created Social Security, the Merchant Marine Act of 1936, and the integrated Internal Revenue Code of 1939.  That’s also when the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) was created in order to show the underlying jurisdiction now being used in the bankruptcy of America – it all comes down to foreign commerce.


     What about the income tax and the 16th Amendment?  The Supreme Court decisions all stated that the government always had this power and no new jurisdiction was created by the 16th Amendment.  Once again, it is foreign commerce – no new jurisdiction and a power that the government always had.


     During the War of 1812 Great Britain was impressing our Merchant Marine into service.  Now, through the great Social Security Scam, we Americans are being impressed into service for Great Britain's banks.  Go to to read "The Bankers' Blueprint to Destroy American Sovereignty" where all the actual statutes and regulations are in evidence directly from the government printing office.


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