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Comment by TL Winslow
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[[First, 47.7 million Americans survive on food stamps because they cannot secure jobs.  Second, another 14 million Americans stand in unemployment lines because they cannot secure work.  Third, another seven million Americans work at low paying, 20 hour per week jobs.]] 

Thaw out, Frosty. How about this scenario instead:

 First, whole new cities are going up, causing massive worker shortages, with good-paying jobs going begging. Second, new food sources are opening up, causing stores to beg people to take two for the price of one, make that three. Third, the U.S. GNP doubles, and no other nation can threaten its #1 status for decades to come.

Crazy bastard that I am, I know it can be done in just years if we try the MEGAMERGE DISSOLUTION SOLUTION of incorporating failed backward Mexico as 10 new U.S. states and opening the south up to mass 2-way migration while managing the temporary adjustments.

And I already thought it out and it works on paper.  Quit talking for awhile and try reading: 




Comment by Ed Price
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Seems to me that part of the reason making alien workers necessary has to do with retiring Baby Boomers.

Social Security was never meant to be a savings program for retirees, so that there would be enough money for them to relax on in old age. And it certainly isn't that. Now that we have all these baby boomers retiring, where is the money going to come from to support them?

Sure, Government can instruct the Fed to print more. But doing such is risky, and a temporary fix. The alien worker thing is temporary as well, because when the aliens realize that they can get as much as 10 times in benefits over what they earn - as many of them do - the little advantage that they give us in their tax dollars will dry up.

One of the major things holding the economy of America together is all those workers who have taken a cut in pay, pay their taxes, and work on. If they realized that they could go on welfare, and their pride didn't stop them from doing it, the economy of the nation would die in short order.

There may be a way out, but who knows what it is? Obama is scraping the bottom of the barrel of ideas. The economy seems to be headed south for awhile.

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