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Comment by TL Winslow
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Hmm. Maybe Steamin Landgrab is finally onto something. The American Indians, now there's a cause. Yes, whitey stole America from them, so they should give it back. Fine, but what does that have to do with the Jews? In their case, first the Romans then the Muslim stole Israel from them,  and they moved in and fought to get it back, and are still doing so every day. So why is Lendman against them? Oh yes, the Muslims have all that OIL MONEY :) I guess it's easier to play history ignoramus that suddenly dips back 500 years than one that dips back 1400 or 2000 years, kaching. Meanwhile he says nothing about the concerted attempt of the Muslim World to take over the West by immigration followed by civil war and Sharia. Even the Indians if they could rise from the grave would be on our side this time.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Now, now. Whitey didn't exactly "steal" America from the Indians. It started as mutual misunderstanding. Whitey saw the lands that didn't have anybody on them. Whitey thought, since there ain't nobody there anyway, why shouldn't I take and use them. Whitey didn't clearly understand how the Indians were "owning" the lands by not owning them, but were letting nature take its course to support everyone.

Redman didn't understand Whitey's notion of private property. And Redman didn't understand that Whitey wasn't trying to harm anyone, but that Whitey was only freely taking that which didn't seem to belong to anyone.

So, hostilities broke out - of course, there were always bad people among both groups who would steal, rape and murder at the drop of a feather. And there were the truly noble, loving and kind people among both groups, as well. But because of misunderstandings about the kind of ownership of the lands, hostilities broke out. And Whitey happened to be the winner.

Or was Whitey the winner? We are seeing the turning of the tide, right now, where Whitey is being made a slave of his own ambition. And it is happening by a small group of Whiteys enslaving the rest of them. Too bad that the Redman will become subject to this final Whitey enslavement at the same time.

Comment by Anon Commenter
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Look, the so-called "Jews" are Ashkenazi-KHAZARS, who had/have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do, with Biblical-era Palestinians.  Israel, as a State, is NEVER ONCE mentioned by Classical Authors.  It was INVENTED, CREATED, out of nothing - in 1948, with Rothschild funding.

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