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Comment by TL Winslow
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33 million? Duh, since the U.S. per capita income is $42K, that means an increase in national income of $1.4 trillion, so I can hardly wait :) Where's this new metropolis going to be located? I want to buy land there now :)

Frosty is SICK :) Who is he kidding? He assumes that these 33 million will be MEXICANS, and he hates them and doesn't want them to live long or prosper on HIS side of the Brownsville Wall of Apartheid.  He's a dinosaur.

All along we could have incorporated Mexico as 10 new U.S. states and allowed population to freely mix, revitalizing the economy and making the U.S. not only bigger, safer, and stronger, but happier, with sick white supremacists finally getting over their hangups and learning to party with all that great Mexican food.

It still must be done. Only I have a 7-step bipartisan plan to do it in a phased manner, making a weakness into a strength and embracing the future of all 400+ million Americans sharing the New World under the same 60-star flag.

Read about it here:


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