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Comment by Olde Reb
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 after Europe comes the U.S. with a $16 trilliion "debt" to the same financiers that have ravished the third world and are not working on Europe.  Ref.

Comment by Ed Price
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Here's the humorless satire in this. Among the nations, and especially in the United States, there are multitudes - at least millions - of Christians who are trusting in God for deliverance from, among other things, poverty. So, God doesn't allow the current world money systems to fail, because He is answering the requests of His people.

At the same time God's people are asking for poverty deliverance, they are - they think according to Biblical requirements - praying for the well being of their governmental leaders, who are the ones who are causing all the financial problem, and who are attempting (many unknowingly) to destroy the economies of the nations.

Many of the banking leaders - the smaller scale leaders, who do not realize what their top people are doing - are themselves Christians, and are under God's protection. And it is the same with many world governmental leaders. So, God keeps the money system from collapsing, and allows the heightened money problems to get worse, all the while protecting His people everywhere.

Now, doesn't THAT seem like a bit of humorless satire? God is allowing Himself to be coerced by His people into a position of maintaining the very wickedness that He opposes.

Most of the awake-to-world-banking-operations type of Christians don't like the situation as it is. And the situation won't continue this way. When enough Christians wake up sufficiently so that they start to pray for other kinds of changes, God will listen to them. He will make changes that protect His people at the same time that He takes down the banking systems.

There are some big banking officials who, though they don't believe in God the way a Chritstian does, understand that God (or something) is keeping the financial system from collapsing when it should have gone down long ago. They are scared and bewildered.

Personally, I'd say it is time for Christians everywhere to stop trusting in the things that they see (namely, money things) and to start trusting that God can take care of them without money. When enough Christians think like this, and pray accordingly, then God will cause the money systems to crash, and His people will still be saved.

It won't be fun. But the whole picture is a kind of humorless satire?

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