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Comment by Ed Price
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Lots of folks I ask about how they would like living to the age 200, say that they would NEVER want something like that to happen. But when I suggest that the youthfulness of a 30-year-old would be part of the program, then they start to waver in their NEVER idea.

If we could make living to 500, for everybody, a real thing, the Malthus people would certainly go crazy with worry. But Professor Klein has the right idea at the beginning of the article.

If people live like a 30-year-old to the age of 500, their productive years would expand so greatly that, given our present mode of seeking out knowledge, there would be almost NOTHING that we COULDN'T ACCOMPLISH.

The Malthus people might worry themselves to death. But it would only happen until they saw that we had overcome all the obstacles. We would make the earth a paradise. The stars would be open to us. We could expand through the universe. Soon 500 years would become a thousand; then virtually endless.

What's interesting is that we have a method right now, almost perfected. Watch the movie "Aeon Flux" staring Charlize Theron.

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