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Comment by Ed Price
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Here's what's super-scary about this. And it isn't the simple fact that a couple of big countries are joining forces a little. Rather, it has to do with the Middle East (like what doesn't?).

We get our oil from the M.E. And we pay M.E. countries big bucks for it. We also fight terrorism over in Iraq and Afghanistan and who knows where else in the M.E.

The Russia China oil deal is bypassing the U.S. and the Dollar. The U.S. war against terrorism has made as many enemies in the Middle East as it has made friends. Russia supports much of the M.E. in political ways, if they don't support them with oil purchases.

Do you see where this is heading? When are M.E. nations going to realize that they have other choices in the world than dealing with the U.S.? And when they side with Russia/China, what will happen to both our oil, and our dollar, neither of which will be used for our benefit any longer. And when you consider that we have made the M.E. nations rich with out Dollar - look at Dubai, for instance - what if they turn our money against us?

Now for the BIG question. Since the U.S. needs to juggle ever-so-carefully, diplomatic procedures with all countries involved, and since it seems that we are making as many or more enemies around the world as we are keeping friends, DO YOU THINK, maybe, THAT THE U.S. shadow government - you know, the one pulling the strings behind what we think is the real U.S. Government - IS REALLY ATTEMPTING TO OVERTHROW THE WHOLE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?


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