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For decades, much of the political struggle within Israel could be traced back to the fundamental conflict anchored in its Janus-faced self-definition – coined in the 1980s and legally formalized in 1992 – as a "Jewish and democratic" state.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The people of ancient Israel had libertarian freedom. Up until the time of Babylon, the only laws they had were a benefit to them as a society. In all the good ways, they had complete freedom. Modern Israel is becoming more and more like Japan and China: worship of government, and almost worship of ancestors as they honor their family line. Like the Chinese and the Japanese, this kind of worship will ultimately fail, even though there is a spear-head of strength for a while. The only real blessing that they have is the name Israel. For the sake of His own NAME, God is upholding Israel because they call themselves by a name He had promised to maintain for all time. Their strength has nothing to do with what they really are. After all, God destroyed them at the times of Babylon and the 70 AD fall. They will either turn to Him for real, or they will be destroyed by Him for good this time.

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