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By Yvonne Lorenzo

In Oliver Stone's and Peter Kuznick's film an early episode discussing the differences between President Roosevelt's attitude towards Russia, as opposed to that of President Harry Truman, who was amazingly cavalier about using an atomic bomb in

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Comment by Ed Price
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Wikipedia repeats the CIA Factbook about the religion of Iran - Ninety to 95 percent of Iranians are Shiites - Iranian official religion - with almost all the rest of them some other branch of Islam. --- Note that Islam is a government besides a religion. Note that Islam is not a religion of peace towards people of other religions, and often towards members or their own religion - --- It is absolutely right to recognize individual Muslims as human beings, but it is also right to recognize collective Islamic governments as enemies of all other governments, as well as enemies of people of all other religions. Act as wisely with them as you would with a violent murder-convict who was set free by any of our prisons.

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