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Comment by TL Winslow
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As usual, Lendman tries to turn black white and black white to get his hands on somebody's (Arab?) green. Not just him. It's sad that Western leftists are still mainly ostriching about the grave and real threat of Islam to everything they believe in, as it seeks to make Europe and America part of the horrible world where none of them would live if they had a chance. Imagine Elizabeth Cady Stanton in a burka as part of a polygamous marriage. Even the American right has been suckered. Just recently GOP activist Subhail Khan was outed as an Islamist, with an old speech saying that he is prepared to give his life in the cause of Islam: 

Muslim disinfo. artists are hard at work at the false claim that jihad is only a spiritual struggle, but that's because they know that Westerners don't read Arabic, because what they say in that language is far different. Popular Muslim website just published an article saying that violent offensive jihad is permissible to "secure Islam's borders, extend Allah's religion, and to remove every religion but Islam from the Arabian Peninsula".

An Afghani website just published a poem saying "We can afford every danger for the holy religion of Islam; it is our decision to drive out the infidels from our homeland".

As to Britain, far from using threat of Islamization as a rallying point to unite the people like under Churchill, the liberal establishment has been assiduously suppressing and persecuting the British National Party and the English Defense League, and playing the Obama game of suppressing the very term Islamic in connection with terrorism. Recently a Pakistani Muslim gang that preyed on young white women and was called an "Asian gang" to cover it up got to be too much even for them.

Maybe the leftists are still confusing being against the anti-freedom ideology of Islam with racism. Well, Islam isn't a race, it started in Arabia and spread out by force and fear and always wanted to absorb all races. The existence of the so-called Muslim world is proof of bloody ancient battle lines, which is why the recent policy of allowing mass Muslim immigration to Europe and America is so unwise, since it ignores the existence of these battle lines in the false hope of creating a utopian paradise of multiculturalism free of racism. Sorry, but Islam is like the Borgs in Star Trek, it is monocultural, and seeks to absorb all other races and cultures and squeeze out everything it doesn't need to force all to accept Allah, Muhammad, and a govt. based on the Quran where freedom of thought is subject to capital punishment. So like with Israel, Lendman is all wet again. If he's truly against racism why doesn't he want the non-Muslim world to work to contract the Muslim world and inculcate new values there instead of working to delegitimize poor Israel and make it part of the Muslim world under the fantasy that it will be a democracy? Would Lendman be churning out the reams of propaganda if oil hadn't been discovered in the Arab world? Glug glug...

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