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Comment by Ed Price
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Stuff like this is so "funny."

We are supposed to be living in a free country. We individually. So, why is it that a few jokers in Government offices, under the pressure of a handful of lobbyists, can make laws that prohibit the vast majority of us from living freely?

The laws cannot be aimed at taking our freedoms away. Any law that is so aimed is not a law at all. It is against the law... against the very nature of our Constitutions. If it is lawful, it can only be lawful in the exact wording and context in which it was made, applying to virtually only one situation.

If people find loopholes to get around a law (or through it), these things are NOT REALLY LOOPHOLES. It is the law that is the loophole, a loophole through freedom, against freedom, to take away freedom, freedom that has been guaranteed by constitutions, Maxims of law, and the documents that gave the constitutions their authority in the first place.

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