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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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In the original version of Mike Browns book "Brown's Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook," Mike talks about the the acetylene enzyme. I don't know if it is in the current version, and I don't remember the big word that the enzyme is called, but here's how it works.

You throw some starch into a clean container, add some watter and the enzyme, keep the "mash" at about body temperature, and acetyl alcohol floats to the top.

It has a much larger molecule than ethanol - many hydrogen and carbon atoms to 1 oxygen atom - and therefore, more power... almost the power of gasoline.

Of course, it is a little different to handle than gasoline or ethanol. But, with the technology we have, any problems could be overcome extremely easily.

So whose fault is it that we don't use it? Think of the money the farmers could make growing corn, etc., for the starch in it... instead of sitting idle and living off Government subsidies.

Comment by Goshe King (34510)
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 Very well said. We in America, are ready to point fingers to anyone instantly without self evalutating oursleves.

When you point a finger, one points to your desired direction, three point back at yourself (haha go figure) and the forgotton thumb looks up (may be to warn you, the Big guy knows the whole truth - Thats if you believed in Him)

Thanks for the lovely reminder, we Americans forget things little too fast! Must be the fluoridated water, Vaccines and similar after affects, if you can phatom what i mean.

Comment by Sam Weathersby (5726)
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Again I remind Rusty that 'peak oil', that the world is running out of it, has the same credibility as Reefer Madness.   Look up 'peak oil is a myth'. You will see what has made the Soviets a major oil player as well.   SamFox
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