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Comment by Trouser Chili
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   LP Executive Director Wes Benedict commented, "Libertarians apparently predict congressional deceit well. We knew this was coming long before it happened."

HA.  That's like predicting it's going to be hot in the summer in Phoenix.  Wow, what Kreskin abilities they have!

  LP Chair Mark Hinkle added, "This debt deal only does one substantive thing: it raises the debt limit. Everything else is smoke and mirrors."

WRONG.  The bill also creates a super-congress that will cram through all the legislation that couldn't get crammed through before.  Goodbye USA.

Comment by David Jackson
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    What did anyone really expect?

     Tea Party? There's another phrase that comes to mind: Circle ----!

     I've known punks in my life, and they ll pretty much owned up to the tag. These mental midgets of the so-called "tea party" couldn't find it with both hands. They're very presence is a running internationl joke. (Would any adult actually ask ywelve year old how to "run the U.S.?)

     Don't get me wrong...The Dems and Reps got us into this mess; and, 95% of them are a total embarrassment. They are also criminals, assuming the U.S. Constitution is still the "law of the land" and the oath of office has any "force in law" for anyone other than our military.

     As fed up as I am with the smary posturing and goverrnment speak that is the foundation of Washington rhetoric, it's more than obvious that it's time to quit "going forward" and place the blame, in order to expose the traitors and smug second-raters who are purposefully selling us all out. They are a known quantity and should be singled out, never again voted for, and entered into the real history (if it is ever written) of what's left of our country. If anyone really wants to go forward, they'll rid us all of the worthless, excess baggage that is the majority of (s)elected elitists who couldn't care less about the United States. If yu could find a real dictionary, petty, pretentious liars and organized criminals would be the functional definition of "the Congress of the United States".

     I don't know anyone who voted for the freak show that is the "tea party", but that doesn't surprise me. What few friends I might have aren't, to the best of my knowledge, stupid and proud of it.


Comment by Vichy F.
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I'm more worried about the libertarian party than the Tard Party. You're all a bunch of half-witted statists.

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