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Comment by David Jackson
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     Interesting and somewhat valid.

      There isn't any reason to believe that anyone who is living east of the Mississippi has any chance of surviving anything that resemble real civil unrest, in the United States. The more densely populated an area, the more prone it is to extremes of violence and destructive government intervention.

       What, one might ask, is the rationale for the necessity of  "properly registered" firearms"? Being in possession of a "registered" firearms, is an invitation to a list of firearms to be confiscated, houses to be raided, and "citizens to be murdered" - having been identified as "armed federal felons" who are a danger to the public and a threat to "social order" and "national security:  All this, of course, comes about, after some declaration of a clear and present danger, probably by way of an Executive Order.

        Owning a gun isn't even close to "knowing how to use a gun". (To all the macho males - having a penis doesn't make you a "man", nor bestow upon you the ability to efficiently and effectively use firearms to defend yourself or your family - if you don't know how to use firearms and don't feel the need to learn, all the guns in the world won't make you safe or help your wife and kids.)

          If "unrest" breaks out, you'd better hope you ar "out of town".

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