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Cody Wilson (Defense Distributed) in studio to promote his new book and events in Phoenix/Tucson - Scott Horton (Scott Horton Radio) on the Libertarian Institute, Russia, Turkey, South China Sea,upcoming elections - Paul Puey (Co-Founder of AirBitz)

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IN THE LATE 1990s, Elizabeth Holmes was in middle school. Her scandal-beset company Theranos--which promised to use amazing advances in a hybrid scientific field of microfluidics to detect multiple conditions from a single drop of blood--didn't e

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Marcus Mumford, the lawyer for Malheur National Wildlife Standoff leader Ammon Bundy, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon shortly after a jury handed down a verdict acquitting the seven standoff members on all counts.

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While the idiot presstitutes and their brainwashed victims hyper-ventilate about Trump's lewd talk about women, one consequence of the ignored nuclear arms race restarted by the neoconservatives, who have been in charge of US foreign policy in the

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