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The Latest AZ Government Lie “Violent Crime Rises in Arizona”

The Latest AZ Government Lie

“Violent Crime Rises in Arizona”

Do you remember the “Twilight Zone” episode called “How to Serve Man?”  If not, you should take 30 minutes and watch it.  In summary, ‘Earthlings’ thought ‘Martians’ came here to “serve” us; until a scientist translated the Martian’s book and discovered it was full of recipes-yup-it was a “cookbook.”

And so are the recent statistics released by the government to cook everyone in Arizona. 

To discover the truth one must act as an actual detective, not the corrupt type we have in Arizona, but a real detective that wants the truth, instead of a detective continuing being the bully he was in high school or getting even with the society for not protecting him from the bullies.  Yes, all cops were either the bully or the bullied and that’s why there are no more honest cops.  They are all just pirates with guns and badges-modern day guards in the concentration camp we call Arizona.

But I digress-back to the point.  To find the truth is as to solve the crime-follow the money.  The brainwashed masses actually believe prison is expensive and yet cannot understand why politicians keep making more laws and putting more innocent people away.  The answer could not be more obvious.  To discover the truth, one must first be ready for it, be “realistic”, open-minded and honest with oneself.  Again, just as with solving the crime-an honest detective is willing to question his own beliefs, even if it means investigating someone he “believes” is a “good guy”.

In all seriousness, if you are naïve enough or ignorant enough to believe there are any “good” politicians or “good” cops or “good” prosecutors or “good” judges-stop reading now-the truth is coming and you are either too brainwashed or too stupid to handle the truth.

Fact # 1: Anyone willing to work for this government is too corrupt and too psychotic to be considered “good” in any sense of the word-by definition, such people are evil and of less worth than the disease spreading roaches infesting the sewers.  With that said, let’s study the other facts relevant to the issue.

Fact #2:  Crime statistics are based on arrests, prosecutions, convictions and what the government wants us to believe-and have nothing to do with actual crimes or who committed the crime.

Fact #3: Chances are if you are shot and murdered in Arizona, of all the “groups” that may have shot you, the group most likely to have murdered you would be the police.  Of any single group in Arizona, the police shoot the most amounts of innocent people.  The innocent ones that survive are usually imprisoned for beating the police officer’s fists with their face.

Fact #4: The politician’s, judge’s, police’, prosecutor’s and public defender’s PENSION FUNDS are in deep trouble.  They were highly invested in the real estate market and we all know how bad of an idea that was.  Now they are highly invested in the “FORECLOSURE MARKET” and “PRIVATIZED PRISONS.”  In short, if the ‘gov’t’ thugs don’t steal our homes and put us in prison, they will retire broke.

Fact #5:  The gov’t uses “statistics” to brainwash the ignorant masses shortly before the gov’t screws over those same masses-that way the masses consider the recent raping some type of consensual agreement.

Fact #6:  “To Serve and Protect” means “to Serve the people as dinner for the vampire politicians who will suck us all dry, and to protect the gov’t from those few willing to spread the truth.”

Fact #7: Gov. Jan Brewer’s four (4) advisors all work for privatized prison corporations.  That is the real reason why the Gov. won’t grant “clemency” and why she is “tough on crime.”  There is no way the Gov., or any of the other corrupt politicians selling us out to enrich themselves, will let anyone out of prison.  These scumbags are politicians-they love to sell us out and steal our homes, our freedoms and our lives for their own financial benefit.  If you don’t already know this you are just another brainwashed American moron and probably think the I.R.S. is a gov’t agency. 

Now that you know the facts of the case you can “follow the money” and solve the crime, or in this case, discover the truth. 

For brevity sake I will explain the scenario now.  The gov’t artificially raises the crime statistics to use them to get more thugs and rapists (t&r) otherwise known as “police officers.”  The t&r then go around beating up innocent people and then arresting those innocent people for bleeding all over the t&r uniforms and the public street.  Next, the innocent person is taken to trial where a prosecutor lies to the jury and threatens any witness who wants to testify for the innocent person.  The judge allows the prosecutor to frame the innocent person because the judge used to be a prosecutor and just noticed his pension fund is down because there are empty beds in the privatized prison.

Accordingly, the innocent person is wrongfully imprisoned-the judge, prosecutor, t&r, public defender and court staff all watch their pension fund increase because another bed is filled in the private prison.

The innocent man’s wife loses her home to foreclosure so the judge, prosecutor, t$r, public defender and staff throw a party to celebrate another spike in their pension fund by the bank stealing the innocent man’s home.

As it normally happens-the innocent man’s wife divorces him and remarries a man the innocent man’s children hate.  They quickly go downhill in every aspect of their lives, turn to drugs and crime.

Mission Successful.

Now you have the truth.  It’s up to you to decide whether to believe the truth or continue believing the lies the gov’t wants you to believe.

In one sense, crime is up.  We have more t&R (cops) which means more innocent people will be beat up, shot, murdered, wrongfully imprisoned, raped and thrown into the street homeless and alone.

There will be more trials and the gov’t will steal more money from the “people” to pay for more privatized prisons-which in turn will give more money to the judges, prosecutors, t&r, public defenders and staff.

The t&r will attack more innocent people and the cycle continues growing bigger and bigger and meaner and meaner until every nation and every person in every nation laughs at us and despises us for our blatant hypocrisy and human rights violations. 

Maybe they already do. 

For those that still believe the gov’t is the “good guys” and the cops (thugs and rapists) are the ‘’good guys”-may you someday be that innocent person that meets a t&r who just read his pension fund portfolio and you will be invited to the “Private Prison for Profit” where the name of the game is “heads on beds” where broken dreams of liberty now rest.

 Respectfully submitted on behalf of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

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