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Lendman Lies about Belarus

Hello Ernest. My name is Anton, I live in Belarus, 34 years old. I have lived in Belarus for 34 years and when I say that you publish lies about the country I live in I know what I'm talking about.

You have a writer Stephen Lendman, who writes about situation in Belarus and everything he writes is a lie. I can't read this shit more than few seconds, it's complete bs. 

People here are sick of Lukashenko and want him to leave, people go peacefully on the streets with signs, they are not violent, they don't loot. We have now about 1500 documented cases of police abuse and torture. The police kicks the shit of peacefull people, sometimes random bystanders, 4 or 5 people were killed by the police, some were staged as suicides. People are sick of it, that's why they are on the streets every day since the election. 

And this fucking Lendman character blames some Trump... He's gotta be out of his fucking mind!

I can't go in details and uncover all his lies, but you can watch this video (Please use closed caption for English translation):

It has english subtitles. It is just one story among hundreds.

No one pays people, except for those who goes on pro Lukashenko protests.

People have chosen Tikhanovskaya for the president with about 75%.

KGB have taken her out of the country and Lukashenko admits it. NOT fucking Trump!

Don't want to tell you what to do, but you better keep an eye on this Lendman...

Heard a lot about you on freetalklive, hope you are an honest man and are not taking any money from Russia to make Lukashenko look good))

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