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Conference in Russia about how the USA is far from a democracy

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Would you be interesting in speaking at a conference in Russia in January entitled "The USA as the new Soviet Union"?
You would get the trip paid for and a luxury hotel in St. Petersburg.
I can talk to you via Skype if you have it.
The stress would be on loss of civil liberties, not in Iraq and Guatanamo, but on Americans themselves. Internet regulation and the tendencies of both sides of the US Supreme Court to promote that...would be an example of something to stress.

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Looks like Powell may be going to Russia :)

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Comment by morpheus
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Yes, and there will be "free accommodations" upon your return to Amerika as well, although I don't think they'll qualify as "luxury."

Comment by Barry Hess
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I'll go, in fact I'll start packing this morning. Soviet Politics were a specialty in my field of study specifically juxtaposing the mirror image of life in the Soviet Empire and "modern" Amerika.

Moscow's a cool place to speak of freedom issues so I'll have my bags at the curb waiting for the shuttle to pick me up. Oh, will I need anything more than my official papers, my urine and blood samples and my willingness to be physically violated by inept makework recipients with the TSA to get out of Amerika? I can bring my own procto-scope if it will help keep me safe.

Oh, are snacks included? I like snacks.