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Secret Rebel Base Revealed

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Way to go ace!  Its not secret anymore.  Why dont you send individual letters to all the government officials - with a map on how this place can be found.  And when the idiots in power want to  control everyone - you can say you helped  destroy the one voice  the people might have.  Good going.

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Well,... after Saturday it won't be so secret anymore anyway :)

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Comment by Found Zero
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PSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! Darlene! I'll tell you another secret! You can sometimes tell who we are by the R3VOlUTION t-shirts and Ron Paul bumper stickers.


Comment by Ed Vallejo
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City of Phoenix Building Inspectors - can we see your permits? ARE YOUR PAPERSSSS IN ORDER?

Tear it all down...

Comment by Brock Lorber
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So, I shouldn't have called the "Libertarian Stoppers" hotline and given them the address?

I guess reporting them to the Society for Prevention of Hollowing-Out of Volcanoes was a bit overboard.