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Can you get this info to John Chester Stuart, it may save his life.

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If you can get this info to John Chester Stuart, it may save his life. Have him get an \'in chambers hearing before a judge, and have him surrender (I hereby surrender) his copy of his birth certificate. The accused is the fiction name on that birth certificate (where the family name has been converted into a primay name (sur - name). That is not the adult free will man.   The State assumes that the free will man is attached to that fiction name as an accessory, and thus \'one and the same\' as that name.
Under common law, the rule of necessity, allows for the violation of a law for self defense. Thus, he should also prepare an affidavit stating that he only uses the name, John Chester Stuart, in commerce (communication) under private necessity, and is not a permanent attachment to it.   The system uses the legal maxim derived from the property right  - accessio cedit principali, to claim ownership of a free will man, and convert him to slave status. The court system only has the authority to try slaves that the State owns.   To \'surrender\' a document that, when in one\'s possession, imposes obligations and duties (as being the \'stand-in\' for a legal identity name) back to the owner - the State, is to retract such obligations or duties. The birth certificate is proof (not evidence) that the man who is in possession of it had nothing to do with that document or the names thereon. The man in possession has no signature on it.   The heading on that certificate shows that it belongs to the State.
A lawyer will not \'go there\', as lawyers can only defend \'persons\' (combined fiction name and free will adult man), so if he wishes to remain a free man, he has to fire his lawyer and fdo it himself.

My e-mail is if further info is needed.


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Comment by Jim Kaiser
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There's a time and place to use "sovereign citizen " arguements, but in front of a judge at a murder trial is not one of them.

This would be a sure-fire way of making yourself look like a total nutjob to the court and assuring yourself the maxium penalty that the state is asking for.

These arguements NEVER work.