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Census Bureau Fakers

2 weeks ago a "Census Bureau" person came around asking way too many questions for me to feel comfortable about. Asked if I were married, how many people in the House, is the guest House occupied and if so how many people. I knew what he was, a spy for Homeland Security. I told him to go check the guest House out for himself and so he did. He walked around to the side of my house and I watched through the window as he what looked to be inputting information into a GPS unit. He then came back around to my front door and knocked again. I told him I don\'t like him being around and that it\'s apparent he wasn\'t there to take my guns away and that he is certainly a snitch to those who will. He looked at me funny when I then asked him if he knew about the FEMA concentration camps and said that yes he did know about them and that he would rather remain in the dark. I told him after whoever he works for is done with me that he\'s next. I then said I think you\'re really a snitch now "get lost!" so him and another man 2 houses down immediately got into a white mini van and took off. Now wait, if they were truly Census workers how come then did they not finish their routes and why was only my street chosen? I am worried about this activity being there is no Census going on and if there are reports of it happening then it\'s false reporting. I have spoken to someone who knows what\'s happening and they tell me that the Census Bureau is false and that the people really are spies and give GPS coordinances to special "Black Ops" that are paid hitmen to "Rendition" Dissident Americans accused of being Home Grown Terrorists based on thought crimes extending to the latest AIPAC report. It\'s true that Communists have taken over, I have been a victim of Eminent domain and lost everything before. Now I\'m under constant threat of a fire fight with no way of knowing when it will happen. Let it not be said I did not try to get this information out of how fascist this New World Order has become. God Bless and please watch The Obama Deception and Freedom to Fascism.

Editors Reply

The only question a census worker is authorized to ask per the US CONstitution is, "How many people were living at this residence on April 1, 2010?  I always enjoyed the notion that they picked April Fool's Day for their measurement day in Amerika.  It must be a little joke they enjoy every ten years.  Any other census is not a authorized by the CONsitution, but is authorized by CONgress or the Executive Branch to snoop.  As are all those questions on the oaficial census.

Be pleasant.  Don't answer them.

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Comment by Frances F. Brevis-ma
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We are in Union City, CA and we had a similar inccident take place here about 3 weeks. There was a white mini van with two males, one was driving very slow around the court while the other went house to house with a "cell phone" entering information as he stopped at each home in front of it. My husband asked him what he was doing here in our neighbourhood--he said that he was collecting data for the US Census Bureau and then, they left once they got to the corner..the male got in the white mini van and we saw them no more..I found this very odd..we had never seen this before and no visible ID on the male nor the vehicle. To me, it was very weird and I had an unsettling gut feeling told me that they were not legit....but from another Federal organization. Now, I know who there were....thank you for the clears up a lot of concerns and doubts. We are moving out of Kalifornia to the mountains in another state..we do not have any guns here...but plan to up North.