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Complacent, being just about ok!

  From many statements on this page I know many Americans are unhappy with America today.  I will explain  what you have to do to make a real change.  This change requires your time and wealth.  being non-complacent, while a Republicans or Democrats only requires you to set back and complain.   It begins with being radical.  Radical enough to say you are fed up with schools, crime, legal system, government and who you have allowed to lead you.  Once you have admitted that even you could do better for the country then the President, the bankers, wall street and the politicians you are allowed to choose... you then have to agree that you are willing to support someone else. That means you may have to talk to others about you or someone you know being elected to the school board, the county attorney or state house/senate.  Then you and them have to be willing to support the person with time and money. It is easy to kick out the political parties , you do not do it from Washington DC, you do it at home first.  The school boards, the sheriffs, the county attorney and the county commissioners. If you are tired of what has happened in America, be revolting!!! Change the way we do political business.  That means you have to revolt and become non-complacent!!!!!!

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Comment by William Klepzig
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The system is in many ways wrong, but if you are willing to take charge instead of just being mad, both parties do want you to stay mad and do nothing, we can make a change. With, you and I and a few million others we can make a change, take control and bring aboutaq stronger America.
A violent revolution has an eighty percent or higher chance of failing. But taking the sysytm from with in can work.

Comment by Tyger Gilbert
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Your plan still requires use of a system that is broken, corrupted, controlled, manipulated, and fraudulent. Voting to institute a change in the government at any level is delusional and a total waste of time.