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To Ernie: Let’s Know These “Trolls” In Your Site – Ed Sumcad

Dear Ernie,

I was engaged almost the whole day yesterday with important meeting activities so I missed the whole fireworks.

When I opened my computer this morning, I was stunned to discover that I was being bowled over, and my-- Fed I & Fed II expose’ that appeared on June 24, 2009, was the subject of a "slacktivist" attack by a "troll" named "Jon".

I read your response to this attacker: "Activists and Slacktivists - (also some comments on FreedomsPhoenix editorial policies)" that appeared the other day, the 28th of June, 2009. For ease of reference, I created this link: attacked by Slacktivist Troll – for readers this e-mail to have an immediate access.

It took me about an hour reading your "lecture" of what is all about so that "slacktivist" trolls like this "Jon" Quixote who operates by groping his way in the dark would be able to see the light of day.

A truckload of comments that followed was kilometric. I didn’t just read all of them -- I have to "digest" each one of them. What I did not learn from my upbringing and later on in the academe was the use of "dirty" smart-alecky words of smart alecks who are shredding the person of their targets with such remarkable ease as if when they attack one another, they are fish in the water. This is strange and very unfamiliar to me, hence the extra time I needed to understand them before I could intervene.

I thought that if I add my intervention at the bottom of those comments, the reader is so exhausted and fagged out that it won’t be read anymore by anyone who is already snoring.


Before starting your response, I noted your own prologue enclosed in digression (p): (I\'m in the mood for some good \'ole online debating. I got the next 24 hours that I can set aside spots time for this, so let\'s take advantage of my \'teeth grinding\' emotional state and have at it - heartfelt thank you to Edwin Sumcad).

You don’t have to thank me, but if you have to, I say okay, not at all… you are kind-hearted, etc.

The first observation that knocked me off was the audacious challenge hurled against the "owner" of this freedom site. To me the sound of it came from genocidal dictators like Hitler, if Saddam Hussein is just a neophyte in comparison. Both lords of intolerance born to Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, on mere suspicion, shoots on sight freedom advocates like you and me.

Here’s the crack of the whip of the threatening Rambo: (Jon to Ernie) "If I ever see anything like this again [Fed I & Fed II that I authored and published by], you will be boycotted and any patriots that I have turned on to this site will boycott you also."

Carrot & stick, Ernie boy, get it?

Who does he thinks he is? Does he have a magic flute who like the Pied Piper in German folklore, gathers "patriots" like rats and lead them to their doom in this site?

Better still, who does he thinks Ernie is – his bad little crawling baby he could spank if the toddler does not follow instructions not to wet his diaper … or something to that effect?

Gracious me! Only the likes of Saddam Hussein who issued a license to Ernie to publish may issue this kind of threat. And I didn’t even hear anything about this Jon guy … anything at all relevant to this website, from the time Adam & Eve bastardized the Garden of Eden!
Then this guy turned on me: "This article is so chock full of dis-info it is ridiculous. I thought you guys were better. I would also recommend not carrying any more articles by Edwin Sumcad.  If I ever see his name on this site again, you are done with me."

Powell Gammill couldn’t stand it. His response to this guy’s plea to protect him because he is terrified to see my name in this site, is an excellent parody against juvenile delinquency … a crying baby-mentality that looks for nursing boobs to suckle.

[Listen Jonnie, this is for you]: "As for the desire that I protect and shield your mind from the ideas of others, I ain\'t your mommy.  Seek to suckle on the comfort of someone else\'s teat, because these tits run dry!" Gammill.

This packs a wallop! The guy’s oddity suffers a black eye. With this dry "teat" the editor is swinging like a baseball bat, you are done with Jon, Gammill. Read Jonnie’s threat. If you need a lawyer, you know where to find me. I have a clown client before accused of making people cry instead of laugh, and I brought down the house. The Jury acquits.

This guy’s objection to the Fed expose’ I wrote is that it was "… full of dis-info …" His problem was, he did not or cannot specify what "dis-info" he was talking about. This is a common problem of those whose intellect is severely limited by how and what they feel, and therefore it is easier to resort to name-calling than argue the issue/s raised, which tasked the brain. Upstairs, there is no intellectual attraction there that you and I expect to see.

The twin articles flagged the public’s attention to the misconception Fed-haters peddle around, e.g., that the Federal Reserve is a private entity run by "thieves". It is a terrible mistake the public should know. I alone, as a journalist crusader against any public lie opportunist politicians market for publicity, have uncovered this public conjuring, and decided to publish it at -- home of Libertarian and anti-federalist activists -- with neither fear nor favor.

If this editorial revelation is the "dis-info" this guy was referring to, then he either could not read or could not understand what he reads. The celebrated Lewis case I dissected in the Fed I & Fed II editorials pointed out that the Fed is NOT a government entity only for purposes of Federal Tort Claims Act. Other than this tort case, the Fed is a GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION created by Congress, and run by the Fed’s Board of Governors that is unlikely to be a bunch of "thieves" as recklessly and ruthlessly portrayed by ignorant radicals and extremely angry abolitionists.

Instead of wasting time giving a homily on how a free website should be run, I suggest that Jon and his kind should ambush not the author but the cure the author prescribed for anxiety called "Fedreservanities": Severe Reactions: Cure Pill I Prescribe – Know The Role Of Fed In The Economy, June 29, 2009.
I have been unfairly stereotyped as a "Fed apologist" or a propagandist that spread a lie about the Federal Reserve. If anyone can disprove what I wrote that the Fed is a federal institution, not a private entity allegedly run by "thieves", I will retract faster than the six o’clock train to Toronto and banner a mile-deep apology just to measure how deep would then be my regret – if I what I wrote is proven to be untrue.

That the Fed is a public entity is not even my own declaration. It is the declaration of the high courts. [Lewis, supra] So how can the docketed decisions of the high courts be a "dis-info"?

To wake him up to reality, you slapped this oddity from nowhere with "I need NeoConned Net Trolls like Edwin Sumcad …" You hurt my feelings not because you said so, but because it is mislabeling me miles away from the truth of who I am.

Perhaps I am the only journalist you know in your entire life whom you met at the crossroads of journalism who is APOLITICAL. Unlike you guys, I have never been a casualty of any political party affiliation or a captive of party-loyalty and servitude, meaning I am not a liberal or conservative or independent. I am all of them rolled into one, anytime I choose to be, or when I choose to be just anyone of them. You can see me which one of them or all of them when you read thousands of my essays and editorial writings both in the Media and the academe.

In, I am not a neocon when I write something positive about neocons and what they stand for. To write like a neocon, does not mean that you are a neocon.

Neither am I a liberal headhunter in the jungle when I hunt and harpoon the excesses of useless neocons.

Because I endorse your passion for individual liberty that I happen to share does not make me a Libertarian. The fact that I am against Dr. Ron Paul’s H.R. 1207 because politically correct politicians I abhor have no expertise on fiscal and monetary policies when they takeover the function of the Fed in the guise of "audit", does not mean that I am against Paul’s person. My admiration of his courage ends where my disagreement over his economic and political philosophies begins.

As my credential suggests and read by millions in your site, I am a member of the academe with several graduate degrees – in journalism, in law, and economics. I spent most of my adult time in school. It was years back then when I was much younger that through competitive government scholarship I earned my graduate diploma as a Fiscal and Monetary Specialist under the United Nations World Bank-ILO Development Program.

I served in the UN for 11 years as a senior diplomat, specifically in Social and Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific. I knew the Fed and what central banking means, and I knew the Fed editorials I wrote more than I know the back of my palm.

Considering that I was a journalist and still is up to now since I was 17 years old and that was more than 50 years ago, a publisher, and a recipient of several excellence awards in journalism, I have probably written more editorials than anyone of you combined have. My writings have one of the biggest hits in the Internet, and many Websites caught up with some of them.

A few online publications had invited me to write as a regular columnist in their sites [I only accepted one since I also write columns in some local newspapers]. The publishers and I are mutual beneficiaries of my writings. But the greatest beneficiaries of all are the millions of our reading public.

In view of the foregoing record on file, which declares who I am, to be labeled as a "troll" in seemed extremely unjust and unfair to those millions of readers, let alone the fact that it is untrue as this author stands falsely accused, since in all those years, these readers knew that my passion as an award-winning journalist has neither been questioned nor seen as beholden to anyone or to any teachings or ideology whatsoever.

You must know by now since I boarded your train to freedom, that the only path I tread is one that leads to the commonweal. My only consuming desire in life is to be free when I write … to switch on the light for those in the dark who want to see the truth but for some reasons, cannot. The Light speaks of the title of my account.

If I am a "troll", then everybody watchout! I am a troll not of the Fed but of the people.

My right as a free-lance journalist and your right as a publisher of this site are similar. We are on the same boat in pursuit of liberty and freedom.

As owner, you have all the right to disconnect any writer anytime you want. You can put out the light in my account anytime of night and day. As a contributing Lamplighter, I have also the right to leave your site anytime if I so choose to disconnect myself for any reason I want.

But here’s the difference: My right to leave anytime I want, does not include the right to dictate to you as owner of your site, what opinion any writer on board should right, or not write, nor does that include the right to order you which writer should be deleted or banned.

I take the pain of detailing this background information to you, so that misfits like this guy who attacked and threatened you and "our" site of liberty and freedom, should know.

He has all the right to leave anytime he wants, and never to be heard again from the moment he walks out of the door. #

Yours truly,

Edwin A. Sumcad

Editors Reply

Speechless :)

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Comment by Edwin Sumcad (15723)
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To oneidea2112,


      Re, your comment: I think it is. But Ernie is a better judge on this. After all I can see that he is an intellectual sponge. Christ carries his cross. In this site, Ernie does not only carry his cross but also sucks a lot of turbulent waters under the bridge so that the likes of you and me will have no fear of drowning when we decide to cross over to freedom land.


To Dave Hodges,


     You want to understand the logic behind my ‘Fed is public’ articles [Fed I & Fed II]. The simple logic behind it is just for the reading public to know the truth that the Fed is a PUBLIC entity run by a Board of Governors – NOT a PRIVATE … repeat, NOT a PRIVATE banking cartel run by “thieves”. 


      We need an authority to cite like the high courts of the land that do not lie, to support this editorial advice to the reading public that the Fed is not a private but a public entity. Saying it this way, makes it so.  It is opposed to your belief that “merely saying it doesn’t make it so.” It is, like the way I do.


      I am the only journalist who dared publish this expose’ in this freedom site, home of Libertarian activism and anti-Federalist crusaders.


      As you probably already knew, I am neither a Libertarian nor a Federalist, but I am a firm believer of liberty and freedom Libertarians champion in the ideological realm. 


       Thus to read this disclosure of the truth about the Fed that I dared to write about in this freedom site shocked many zealots of this Libertarian enclave whose intellectual bulge is too swollen with pride – and they have the right to hold their heads up high, and perhaps at times windy if you may – in fact too proud to be tapped on the shoulder even when it is aimed at turning a head towards the truth. Those overwhelmed with emotion could not argue in a civil manner, and the easiest exit that doesn’t task the brain, only the mouth, is name-calling.


       My calculation of this expose’ getting published was, as a sentinel of free speech that I am like Ernie, the owner of this freedom site, any disclosure of any lie or discovery of any public conjuring that protects the interest of the American public, has a space at


      And I was right.  Although our paths only meet at the crossroad of journalism, this online publisher and I are both committed advocates of this guiding caveat of free speech … that freedom at the expense of truth is no freedom!




       Lolo …/07/07/09.



Comment by Edwin Sumcad (15723)
Entered on:




     You asked me what I am here for. I will not ask you what you are here for. I am neither as rude, nor as disrespectful.


       I am here to tell you the truth: To teach you and the likes of you, how to argue issues of national importance, how to debate them properly and if possible, how to prove your point of interest to the public, in a most civil way, so that your passion for love of country can be useful to our never-ending quest for individual liberty and freedom.


      You cannot win a debate or win people to your side, by specializing in name-calling as if it is a gainful occupation, nor would you ever learn the truth of what the writer was writing about, if you call him a “masochist” instead of proving that the high courts of the land are telling a lie when they declared that the Fed is a public entity, not a private cartel run by “thieves”. This addiction to personal lynching is a luxury that I can ill-afford to have and to hold because the unschooled have an exclusive claim to that kind of indulgence. I am not here for the pleasure of such preoccupation.


       Now that you know what I am not here for, let’s go to what you are saying if it makes sense.


       You believe that “The Fed doesn't produce one scrap of actual value or wealth.”  You would have been in the cave, not here right now, if the Fed had no role in the economy, especially in seeing to it that this country becomes the richest, the mightiest and the most powerful on the planet.  You are riding on the Fed’s  “actual value” that brought you and me here from limbo called “nothingness”.


       You don’t have the expertise the Fed have, and it is not easy to get a doctorate in economics, just to keep those who wander around groping in the dark, lined up under the light of day.  It is impossible for you to know all these clarification and enlightenment in just one encounter that you have with me. Role Of Fed In The Economy is a reading I have recommended in my articles hoping someone may come up with a better argument worth our time.


         You said that if “… if you or I traded NOTHING for lots and lots of wealth, it would be called fraud and theft, and rightly so.”  You must understand that you and I are not the Fed. To compare your nefarious activities with that of the Fed’s role in the economy which you don’t even know, is worse than comparing apples and oranges.


        Thank you for reading my articles that “extoll” [sic] the virtues of the Patriot Act, torture, the Iraq War and the American Empire …”  If you understood what were written in those editorial reports, you would be thankful that those who support terror and terrorist rights are still kicking around otherwise they would have been six feet below the ground by now.


Only the enemy within would think that you and I are despicable skunks Islamic assassins want to kill because Al Qaeda believes that we have built an evil American Empire that cuts people’s heads off better than they do.


      You attack our legal system and the high courts for the decisions they make that impact your life, comparing our legal system to that of Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union.  Your wrath is ubiquitous …“The German and Soviet legal systems declared mass murder and genocide to be "legal" (because the killers had special uniforms, a flag, and a shiny badge that made it all OK!).”  


       That sounds Libertarian, all right. But do you know where we live?  I know where I live.  I don’t know about you. But what you are raving about does not happen here, and will never happen in the land of the free where I live.


       What we are arguing here is not just about freedom, but also about the truth.  Freedom at the expense of truth is not freedom.


       If people like you who carry chips in their shoulder, only know how to argue in public issues of national importance, perhaps I will exit this site and leave the interest of the public in good hands.  My reason for being here then will be much simplified – just to react to no good politicians who lie in public to gain support and patronage.  That the Fed is a private corporation run by “thieves” is a dumb lie the radical left and opportunist politicians aided by their Media “concubines” are marketing to profit from the gullible public.


      Does your comment make sense?


      Lolo …’07/06/09.



Comment by Freed Radical (3141)
Entered on:


Ernie's comment pretty much sums up my feelings, but you obviously didn't read some of the more intelligent responses to your Faux News propaganda piece on the Fed. The most succinct comment was posted by Larkin Rose and pretty much struck the root. And I quote: "The Federal Reserve makes money out of nothing. Then, mostly through loans, they trade the new fabricated currency for the real time and effort of people who have to earn their money, who can't just make it up out of thin air. In other words, the Federal Reserve gets lots and lots of power and wealth in exchange for NOTHING. The Fed doesn't produce one scrap of actual value or wealth. That's simply not disputable, nor does the Fed even try to hide that fact. Of course, if you or I traded NOTHING for lots and lots of wealth, it would be called fraud and theft, and rightly so. So who wants to make the argument that we NEED some group committing TRILLIONS of dollars of theft and fraud every year? Can someone explain why we should be thankful that someone is doing that? Anyone?" I would also recommend that you do your homework on the Fed by reading "The Creature from Jeckyl Island" The libertarians on this site will never be impressed with your vapid arguments that the government's courts have declared the Fed to be a government entity, the King of All Money, or the Masters of the Universe for that matter. We libertarians understand that government courts always declare tyrannical government actions to be legal, necessary, good for society, blah, blah, blah... The German and Soviet legal systems declared mass murder and genocide to be "legal" (because the killers had special uniforms, a flag, and a shiny badge that made it all OK!) Seriously Edwin--Unless you are an extreme masochist, I have no idea why you are posting on this site. Whether the Fed is a privately run scam or a government scam is completely irrelevant to most readers of this website. Fiat money is fiat money, regardless of who owns the printing press. What is relevant is the issue freedom, which seems completely absent from your articles on the Fed, not to mention many of your other articles (Yes, I actually read some of them) in which you extoll the virtues of the Patriot Act, torture, the Iraq War, and the American Empire in general. If you want to continue being an apologist for the current fascist system, be prepared to be slapped around by the FP readers. In Liberty, Eric New
Comment by Dave Hodges (5367)
Entered on:

 Your UN background provides me with some context from which to evaluate and try my best to understand the logic behind your "Fed is public" comments. And, Edwin, with regard to the proclamation that the Fed is public, I would like to kindly point out that merely saying it doesn't make it so.

I would encourage you to keep writing. We desperately need the dialogue and the debates that will surely follow.

If you are so inclined, I would like to see you write an article on the Fed's contribution to a stable economy.

In Freedom,

 Dave Hodges

Comment by Morpheus Titania (1068)
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"Speechless" is that a first? :)