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A Declaration of Independence by We the People to our out of control government

I believe we do have the power to reign in our government(s). It will take a large number of people (500K- 1Mil ??). So I am trying to post this to as many freedom activist sites as I can.

I need others opinions/input regarding this composition, and also suggestions as to how to spread it around.  FYI; I am 71 and do not have a website or blog, and have little knowledge of social network usage.



We The People of the 50 Sovereign united STATES of America do hereby declare that the Constitution is THE SUPREME LAW of of this confederation of STATES, and that any and all Executive Orders, Judicial Rulings, or Legislation made since it\'s ratification that do not follow the strict limitations stated by the ORIGINAL INTENT of the words of the Constitution and it\'s amendments at the time they became part of the Constitution are NULL and VOID.

(Any question that might arise in refrence to the interpretation of original intent will be decided by a panel of Constitutional Scholars chosen by the People.)

We the People DEMAND that ALL Oath taking officials and employees at ALL levels of government shall hereby refrain from performing ANY action that violates their Sacred Oath.  ANY and ALL such violations will be cause for immediate removal from office, and all violators shall be subject to charges of TREASON and the penalties associated therewith.

In order to keep this revolution peaceful, We the People ask that all Members of the Military, as well as Law Officers at all levels of government, perform the duty that their oath requires, by maintaining control and custody of any and all persons, who attempt to circumvent this declaration in any manner.

In line with the opening paragraph:

We demand that Congress, with the assistance of the FBI and IRS, undertake an immediate, thorough audit of the Federal Reserve Administration, and associated Banks, with the goal of;
1. Determining how much profit they have made since their inception.
2. Calculating, and collecting, the total amount of unpaid taxes, interest and penalties owed, based on the \'normal\' policies applied to all PRIVATE banking institutions during that time.
3. The permanent repeal of any and all special laws/rules/priviledges previously granted to the Federal Reserve.

We demand that Congress and the Department of Defense expeditiously develop plans to;
1. Return ALL US military contingents from foreign soil.
2. Redirect all funds previously allocated to offensive systems into defensive systems and to provide aid and assistance to current and past military members and their families.

We demand that Congress and the Department of State void any and all treaties (both military and economic) currently existing and make the following declaration on behalf of We the People:

"We the People of the united States of America hereby pledge friendship to all nations of the world. We intend to have free and unfettered trade with any nation who will agree to do likewise.  However we will no longer have any entangling alliances, and therefor remove ourselves from the \'United Nations\' and give notice that the UN has 90 days from this date to remove all facets of that organization from our soil."

We expect our federal, State and local governments to immediately set into motion any plans necessary to remove all agencies that have been setup in violation of the Constitution applicable to those individual government entities.

We hereby pledge to totally reverse 233+ years of unconstitutional activities, including any and all government interference and distortions in our school systems, and every other facet of our lives, that have turned our country into something that would be unrecognizable and abhorrent to the Founders of this great country.

We strongly urge all forms of media to cease and desist the dissemination of lies, half truths, or the promotion of distortions that do a disservice to the cause of justice and freedom.

We ask all citizens who believe that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land to join us in this declaration by sending signed copies to ALL of your elected officials. Please include your complete address as evidence to them that you are one of their constituents.

So...what do you think ? ? ?


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Comment by Anonymous
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It sounds good on paper-but the trick would be for all to enforce it according to its wording. We do however had a responsibility to remove a government when it has gotten to this unresponsive one we now have and replace it with one that will in every word support and protect the U.S. Constitution from ALL enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC and serve the majority of the people it was designed to protect and put in place safe guards to prevent any such thing to ever happening again~Declaration of Independence

Comment by Lola Flores
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 I think it's awesome!  Do let me know how that works out for ya thou...

Comment by Found Zero
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I'd recommend this effort be blended into Bob Schulz' "con-con" thing. To me, Shulz has always been the man doggedly pursuing "legal redress" all these years.

As to particular content, "original intent" is one of the things con-con is meant to clarify since it's something most of us know little about (hard to read everything written by the founders, there were a lot of them).

Next we have the issue of military arresting civillians. Bad move for a Constitutionalist.

I have no present comment regarding withdrawl of foreign based military assets except to say there's no legal basis for this demmand, no matter how much common sense it might represent.

The pledge to friendship seems without legal foundation and rather optimistic. If we return to leadership by example and limit ourselves to commerce rather than friendship, this should serve our interests.

90 days to wrap the UN out of the USA seems a little rushed. Asking someone to leave and kicking them out the door are two different things.

The expectation of state and local authorities to voluntarily remove their urupatory institutions is quaint.

Urging the media to do anything in this context only further distances your argument from reality.

Overall I do think there's use in this type of "mass demmand" but again, I'd encourage the author to develop these ideas in the context of con-con where there will be ample voices to seriously debate these issues as well as our next phase of action. 

This way, we might hope to articulate a truly unified, consitent message which is backed up by more than "demmands". We're getting to the point where we're saying "listen to us" with the new addition "or else".

Or else what? I'm very eager to hear that output from con-con.