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Conservative Christians: Suffer Me A Little Preaching

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Suffer me a little preaching here....

Seems to me....
there was a good REASON our motto was
"In God We Trust".

It let us BALANCE the tension between what WE, as a people,
were morally "responsible" for....
and what HE was responsible for.
Seems fair.

Biblical quotes like "The poor shall ALWAYS be with you"....
didn\'t let us COMPLETELY off the hook: personally; as individuals....
but emphasized that the desperation of the human predicament
was something WE as a people, despite our charitable efforts,
had to endure, witness and ultimately TRUST that HE was well aware
of our limitations..... as a society or collective....
and that we would NEVER conquer it.

Why do we "think" as a "collective" we can EVER extinguish terrorism?
Is it NOT just as reasonable to say... "The BAD GUYS shall always be with you"?
We, as Conservatives, well understand, the futility of "conquering" poverty as a "collective"..... it will never work.
We emphasize the personal and individual responsibilities involved to hold poverty at bay.

What, in God\'s name, makes us THINK we can conquer "terrorism" as a collective?
We can\'t.... never could... and never will.

So WHY is such futility (intervention) tolerated and perpetuated by "Conservatives"?
►Besides the arrogance of not having to TRUST Him (anymore) for our collective "protection" as a Nation....
►This (below) is exactly WHY it goes on and on and on.....

Far from being a "noble cause" ....
It exposes the dichotomy and duplicity in a "migrating" Godless philosophy
that Conservatives now "embrace".
Woe to us.

Conservatives should KNOW better.... and hence....
are ultimately more accountable.
In WHOM do we trust?

These are current stats.

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