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{Help for a Texan on a DUI case... please forward information if you can be a help}

Hello Mr. Hancock,

I have been battling a statutory charge of driving while intoxicated for 2 years against the State of Texas. Initially, I hired an attorney and proceeded in the normal forum prescribed by the corporate State of Texas. I have now come to realize after paying two attorneys that my lawyer is the best advocate of the State. I have confronted my attorney no less than three times about advising me in a manner that best served the prosecution. Including being lied to for 2 months that there was a Motion to Suppress Hearing that suppressed evidence allegedly against me.

After two years there has not been a hearing in my case only trial settings. From my own research I have come to find that the corporate State can not interface with me and according to natural law I have not committed a crime against humanity or another individual. At this point I feel that the legal system has been bastardized and I can not continue in the current venue scheduled to hear my case. 

I have prepared an Affidavit challenging the State\'s jurisdiction. My question to you is do you know of a legal adviser or other person in Texas qualified to review my document to confirm it is inclusive of all subject matter, to walk me through the process and the expected outcome. 

Any information you can provide on this matter would be helpful. I have to submit my Sworn Notice to the court in the next three weeks so a prompt response is requested.

Thank you for the opportunity to post to this forum.



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Good Luck.
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Comment by foundZero
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Dear friend,

So many times have people appealed to us on this board as though we could move mountains and Earth. The sad truth is we can't even defend one another in AZ.

Our brother John Stuart is up on murder charges, totally bogus, but this is one of our own. And not even we great Arionans can combat the level of unrighteouness put upon us.

Face it square: once in the jaws of the state, there is little we can do to help you. We are not the Weathermen. We do not do jail breaks or commit acts of violence against the state. It's not our style.

When we go to jail, we get a pumkin suit, not much more. We get finger-pinted, we get our pumpkin suit, we get a retinal scan and we're entered into the system. And then you do your time.

And that's about all there is to it. Be an activist,  do your time. I wish it was better, I wish it was different but only the cute in this movement get the goodies. Catherine Bleish gets the goodies, she gets the full attention of the movement because she is cute and adorable.

Me and John Stuart, not so much. We're not cute and adorable.

Just remeber this: when you come up againt the man, when it seems like you don't have a friend in this world, you are right. You don't. There's not one single thing we can do for you but send you money in jail so you don't starve to death on the minimal crappy food they give you and don't think you have any rights. You don't.

This game is not one for the light hearted, our people suffer and die for real kittens, not some board game, in jail your heart dies. Whom you were before is no longer.

Almost every single one of our scholars has gone to jail for their beliefs and I fimly believe I will too.

When they told you that you are in a life-or-death battle against a trans-generational oppostion of almost unlimited power, what did you think would happen to us?

The patriot game is high-stakes. You can live or you can die in captivity. What part of that don't get through to  you?

Baby dolls, they will kill you. Your ass dead, here, now. They will ruin your life such as they can. They will brulatize and torture your people to get you to comply.

Still wanna be a patriot? Or are you a pay-triot? Like the Tea Party Nation? Expect to see Mr. Phillips in the next cell? No way, he's a pay-triot.

Come on people, look at Larkin, look at  his father, look at Peter Schiff's father, do you think we would let a scholar of the movement languish in jail unless we had exhausted every manuever? Look at our warrior queen, Sherry Pierce Jackson and tell me if we didn't give it our all. Any and every man in the movement wants to marry such a pretty and devoted gal and warrior.

Wells I am here to tell you that I am still alive and fighting and if they put enough of us in jail, the fun is just starting.

To you young ones, our people are surviving a gennocide. They are literally trying to kill us off, but I'm ready to do my time. Fuck them. They put me in jail, I will try and do as my brother, John Stuart has done, which is minister to the less fortunate.

Yeah, alive or dead, free or in chains, we are the people that minister to the hurt and the sick and even the dead.

But alive or dead, my mission is to help. I kind of tire of the melodrama, but I do in fact come from an ancient line of warriors and we are here to help. My name is in fact "Help" because when I hear that name called, that means me. I am Help and I am here, such as I am. And when you call my name, I come running, not walking, to assist you.

But our protection is weak. All we can do now is listen to your suffering and publish it. But I am not exactly like you. I am White Buffalo Calf Dancer, I believe in all people and I am ready to die for my beliefs. I am ready to die for you. Micaje Oyate. I have taken the name of "all people" because I realize without you, my life is insignificant. Compared to you.

And this is what I call love. To lay down your life in service of another.

Brothers and sisters, I truly want to go to jail in the stead of my brother John. If I could take on his suffering and incarceration, I surely would. Because this is how much I love my brother John Stuart and this is how much I love you. This for me is beyond decision making power. If I could, I would. I would do anything for a bro, even die. So much do I love and respect my brethren.

John Stuart, I love and respect you with my whole heart. I believe in you, I trust you, there is no man (or woman)  on the face of this Earth that can change that. And where you go, I will go.

We are The Ecclisiastical Order Of Mobius Nemesis, I am a coin-holder and our coin had two sides and we can flip it over as easy as daylight even when you put us in solitary, the light still shines. For we have brought hope to the hopeless, our light cannot be out-shined.

The Joy Of The Lord is our remaining strength.

And I will not be silent until I am John Stuart's cell mate.

And to the wicked, liar cops and district attourneys, I say to you that I hope you like your paycheck, I hope you like your fantasy lifestyle because soon enough you will feel the highly unpleasant feeling of a rope around your neck. And you might feel the very unpleasant feeling of watching your sons and daughters suffer law. Which means somebody might put a rope around their necks as you watch them hang for your sins against the people.

For no less have you done to us and put ropes around the necks of our children.

Take this as a word of advice: you are not immune, I don't care what you badge says, you are not immune from justice and if you don't suffer, your kids will.

And that is not a threat, that is prophecy. You are the eaters of the Earth and you will eat and eat even to the point of your own children. A horrible curse has been visited upon you and your children, and your children's children.

And this through no doing of our own, you did it to yourselves.