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God has a Plan & Now America & the World are in Trouble

By Monte Judah & Bill Haymin

“There is no king saved by the multitude of an host; a mighty man is not delivered by much strength.” Psalm 33:16

‘Mortal power is a fiction, and those who trust in it are dupes. Serried ranks of armed men have failed to maintain an empire, or even to save their monarch’s life when a decree from the court of heaven has gone forth for the empire’s overthrow. The all-seeing God preserves the poorest of His people when they are alone and friendless, but ten thousand armed men cannot ensure safety to him whom God leaves to destruction… So far from guarding others, the valiant veteran is not able to deliver himself. When his time comes to die, neither the force of his arms nor the speed of his legs can save him. The weakest believer dwells safely under the shadow of Jehovah’s throne, while the most mighty sinner is in peril every hour.” – Charles Spurgeon

…”Man does not know his time: like fish caught in a treacherous net, and birds trapped in a snare, so the sons of men are ensnared at an evil time when it suddenly falls on them.” Ecclesiastes 9:12

In an evil and perilous time of great deception, even some of the people that possess HaShem’s name, along with those that don’t know Him can be ensnared and taken unawares.

It is understandable for the “natural man” (those who don’t know their creator), to be ensnared and taken by surprise, but it should not happen to those who say they have had their eyes opened.

“Be on guard that your hearts may not be weighted down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of life, and that day come on you suddenly like a trap; for it will come upon all those who dwell on the face of all the earth. But keep on the alert at all times, praying in order that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place and to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21: 34-36

Just as surely as there comes a time for all men to die, God fulfills His word for the “End Times”

“Yea, from this day I am He, and no one delivers from My hand. I will work, and who will reverse it? Isaiah 43:13 Hebraic Roots Bible

“I am Yahweh; that is My name; and I will not give My glory to another, nor My praise to engraved images. Behold, the former things have come to pass, and I declare new things before they happen, I cause you to hear.” Isaiah 42:8 & 9 Hebraic Roots Bible

As we have entered this new decade and year, things have obviously and dramatically changed (if we have been paying attention.) We are witnessing what the Scriptures have said about the “Last Days.”

The changes have been so swift; that most of us are unable to catch up to what has been happening and assimilate them. We are unable to process those changes and to assimilate and use the prophetic warnings that the Scriptures have said would take place in our day because it’s happening so fast.

Just as surely as the Scriptures say there will come a time for all men to die, God also fulfills His word about the end times that no living person or spirit being can change.

This brings to mind the valiant efforts of many American patriots in trying to stem the tide of those working feverously to rebuild the world into their beastly image. Revelation 13

Many of us are trying to stop the ominous changes that are happening, by thinking that if we can just get this candidate or that candidate into political office, we can turn America around. There have been many Tea Party groups and political meetings around the country discussing how to do this.

Now don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say: It is always in the best interests of the people to keep a diligent and critical eye on those whom we elect to represent “we” the people. It is still our calling as citizens of a once Republic, to stand up for righteousness and try to keep what freedoms we have left. But, in an era long since gone, there was a time that we could have stopped the narrow stream of political, moral and spiritual decay and corruption that our fathers saw coming down like a raging river into our day.

We must realize and come to grips with the reality that we have entered the time of “Jacob’s trouble” that the Scriptures have said would come to pass. We have entered, and are now living in a different day and we can’t continue to rely on men and the institutions that once held secure our freedoms. We cannot do the things that we have taken for granted, because all those things are in the process of being radically transformed right before our very eyes. Our way of life is being allowed by heaven to be taken away.

Does that mean that we should abandon our place of duty and standing up for what is right?? No! But, we need to focus most of our remaining time, energy and attention on preparing ourselves spiritually for some very horrific days just ahead, while making some futile efforts to stem the rising tide of those building their tower of Babel. God is giving the builders of our time the ability to build their “government” of the world for now. (Remember what eventually happened to the builders of the first Tower of Babel??) Our enemy knows that his time is short.

We must somehow come to grips with the reality of what has happened within our country and the rest of the world and start preparing NOW! Those days are here NOW (if we have been discerning) with MUCH more events coming in the very near future!

The Bible has predicted: “hearing of wars and rumors of wars;”and “nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.” Also, the Scriptures have also warned of Christian persecution in our day. This is exactly what is taking place right now in the world, in our time. As has been said above, we will not be able to stop what God has said would take place, nor would we want to find ourselves fighting against Him. But, as has been said earlier, we don’t just stop standing up for righteousness just because God has said certain things are going to happen.

Those who are now and have been in the grips of communistic tyrants and dictators in the recent past have warned the West, the need to memorize as much Scripture as possible for when we have no Bibles at our disposal.

Listen, read and pay close attention if you will, very carefully to the following excerpted prophetic teaching message of Joseph taken from the book of Genesis 41:1 – 44:17. This teaching is a warning to prepare by Messianic Torah teacher, Monte Judah of Lion and Lamb Ministries This message is from one of their monthly CDs (Disc 2 of December O9) teaching: Miketz – “At the end of,” on the Old Testament (Torah). It was felt to be an extremely timely and important teaching message of what happened in Egypt at the time of Joseph, applying the message to the dilemma of our present day and time. It is highly recommended that one purchase the CD to hear the complete message. Since this was hand copied from the CD recording, it will read differently than if it was written first rather than recorded on a CD. Because of the length of the message it has been edited while leaving the most important parts in.

…“If you would, turn in your Bibles to Genesis 41:1, we’re continuing the story of Joseph”…

…“We have a whole bunch of prophecy; you know that, visions, things that were shown to prophets, end time prophecies, and so let me just review to you:

Why did God give you all this end time prophecy? First of all it’s a gift. It’s a gift to you. Secondly, He has given it to you, and He is talking to you. He’s told you about it. Why would you be interested in “End Time” prophecy and all the prophecies at the End of the Ages, all these visions and dreams that have come from prophets, it’s because it’s for you and you need to know that God is talking to you personally. In fact, the Messiah specifically said of prophecy: ‘I have told you all things in advance so that you might believe me.’ He’s shown us all these symbols, and as they begin to unfold we will see these things with our own eyes.

I have shared in many assemblies, in the course of my life, studying end time prophecy, I remember the time as a young man, I reviewed all the prophecies and tried to wrap them all up and pull them together. I remember looking at them and saying oh my goodness, to really fulfill all these prophesies it’s going to take a whole lot of supernatural stuff; God is going to have to do some incredible things here to make all of this happen. As my lifetime has proceeded through this generation, and with all the technological advances that have taken place, increasingly, all these very supernatural prophesies, now suddenly look pretty providential to me.

Things are just unfolding, it’s just taking shape, it’s happening, it’s right there in front of us. You of course heard the expression about the frog being boiled in the water? When you put him in, and you start boiling the water, he won’t jump out of the water because he just keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter and he can’t tell the difference. For a lot of us, in this generation, we’ve seen the changes coming along, and because we’ve been immersed in it, in all of the changes taking place, we’ve lost our sense of how rapid the changes have come and how dramatic the changes have been…

…”All these end time prophecies, they’re also very complicated and very sophisticated, and do you know why they’re complicated and sophisticated, because they talk about these days? Twenty years ago, twenty five years, or thirty years ago, if you described the world that we have today to the people back then, and you told them this is what we’re going to have, their jaws would be hitting the ground”…

… “When we get in here, in the end time prophecies, talking about all the things that have been going on, it’s going to be really confusing to you. You’re going to be mystified, but in these days I’ve discovered that we actually see the things happening that the word of God says. God has told us, and He has shown us exactly the things that are happening.

Last week I mentioned about the resolution that came out of the E. U. with regard to dividing Jerusalem. The new E.U. President has called for the dividing of Jerusalem between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s, and they really backed the Israeli’s now into a real corner, because the Israeli’s can’t accept this. And they’re going to object, this will continue to happen, you’ll hear this in the news coming up frequently, what world leaders will be doing. They will be challenging Netanyahu and Israeli government because they won’t accept that resolution, and as a result, just like the scripture literally says: ‘All nations shall come against Jerusalem.’ It’s not vague, that’s pretty literal, that’s pretty specific, right to what’s happening. And that’s what I’ve been discovering in the course of my lifetime, that literally, what the prophecy says, what has been shown to us, what God has told us, and what God has shown to us is getting ready to happen. In fact the last principle here God will quickly bring it about. This is determined, we’re not getting around it, and no man is going to stop this. No man can change it, what God has said, what God has planned, God will do, and it will happen.

And, oh by the way, it’s getting ready to happen very quickly to one particular group of people. It won’t be quickly to the previous generation or the generation before that, it will be happening quickly though to the last generation. We’re not keeping up with the changes that are coming. The changes are coming so rapidly now it’s like a blur, and we can’t seem to get a handle on what’s really transpiring. We’re losing the ability to understand what’s happened before and what’s happening now and there’s a trend here and it’s moving forward, unless, you’re really paying close to what the scripture says. Unless you’re focusing in on what did God say?”…

…”And you know what, I’ve been reading this prophesy and the prophecy is very specific. And by the way it says a whole calamity of things would be going on, but not one specific thing.

In fact that’s the reason the United States is not specifically mentioned in end time prophecies. We’re Johnny come latelys we’re going to show like up as a blip on the radar and go off just as fast. But Israel is going to be around for a long time, and the other nations are going to be around for a long time.

You got to get back to that understanding so that you can keep kind of an even keel through all the changes that are taking place in the world today. The real focus is to stay as Joseph talked about with Pharaoh; stay very focused on what has the Lord said. Joseph was able to take Pharaoh’s dream and quickly discern, we’re going to have seven good years and then we’re going to have seven very bad years. And we got to do a good job on the seven good years so we can get through the seven bad years, because those seven bad years are going to be very bad.

You and I have been told that at the end of the ages, that there’s going to be a time come, a time of distress as the world has never seen before. And yet I keep seeing people, thinking that the few base things that they have right now, ok we’ll go ahead and capitalize on these things when this happens. I’ll be prepared for it because I got my stuff lined up right now.

If this is a time of distress as the world has never seen before, you do know that all this technology that we have going on in the world right now, it’s going to go away in a blink. I can tell you right now, one of those prophecies that talks about how the sun is supposed to scorch mankind, and that we’re supposed to have all kinds of interesting physical sciences effects in the atmosphere, those cell phones won’t work, in that event. You get the atmosphere ionized by the sun, and I’m telling you right now no radio communications will work. Satellite communications won’t work, cell phones won’t work, that means you are not going to have T.V., and you’re not going to have cell phones.

My God, you do understand the world is coming to an end as you know it, and then what are you going to do?? Then what are you going to do?? Well you’re going to have to live without T.V. and cell phones, for a while. Now, I know that, that is a shock to you now, ok? I know that, that is going to be a shock to you. By the way, you won’t instantly die because of that – you won’t.

All your money is going to be worthless. Worthless! In fact God says, when He comes back, if you got any gold and silver, you’re going to be throwing it away.

You heard the story about the fellow, who was on a sinking ship, and there was a lot of gold treasure on there, and he was very, very smart. Before he jumped off the ship, why he went down and loaded all his pockets up with all the gold that he could carry before he jumped off the ship. You of course know what happened to him? Go ahead I’ll tell you: He drowned, It didn’t work out! He didn’t come to terms with what was really going on around him. He was trying to take his world of the past, and trying to interpret the new world and what was coming in the basis of that instead of staying with what was the real issue. For us the real issue goes back to God’s plan. That’s the real issue for us”…

…“You and I are going to be experiencing in the future, a famine, in the world. Judgments of wild beasts that will attack mankind. Animals will go rouge and wild… Life as we understand it will not be achievable, nobody’s going to be at peace and nobody’s going to make it, we’re all going to be subject to all of those things. So how in the world will we be able to be sustained? Obviously God has a plan that He has told us about, it’s a gift for you. He’s told you it, He’s shown it to you, and He’s going to bring it about. Now the principles if we can learn them from Joseph about this, we can probably have the same results that Joseph and his brethren had, and we’ll be successful in getting through what is coming down our way”…

…”God doesn’t have coincidence, God has plans, and when you can figure out what the plan is, all of a sudden you go, oh that’s not a coincidence, that’s part of the plan. That’s what God has shown me so that I can believe Him and trust Him so that when He quickly brings it to pass I’ll be prepared, I’ll be a part of what it is.

It goes on now and tells us that Joseph became established. Sure enough the seven years of plenty came, and he came up with this ingenious plan of gathering up 1/5th of the abundance of the harvest, and he stored that, he built store houses for it so that he would be prepared come the time.

That’s like unto the story of the Ten Virgins, they all knew what was coming, five prepared, five got extra oil. Then, when the darkness came and the bridegroom came, why they had extra oil for their lamps, whereas the others, theirs had gone out and they weren’t prepared.

Joseph prepared and got ready, and by the way you too NEED to PREPARE!! For the coming of the Lord, and the days that are coming. Oh Monte what are you saying that we should build storehouses?? No I’m not specifically saying that, I’m saying that the key is to prepare for the days that we’re in, for the things that we’re going to face.

Let me tell you the greatest thing we’re going to face. Everybody else is going to be flaking out and doesn’t want to believe in God anymore.  Because believing in God and being a believer is not going to be fashionably welcome anymore, and the fact that you say I believe in God, you are going to be the minority. There’s going to be a great falling away of faith, it’s not going to be fashionable to be for God. The leaders of the nations are moving to the point of a very anti God posture. Since the anti-messiah is coming to be in charge of the world, I guarantee you his operating policies are to be opposed to God. So he is going to do anything he can to get you to be not a part of God.

Right now there are leaders in the nations saying the reason why we can’t have peace in the middle-east is because there’s too many people in the United States that believe in the pre-millennial return of the Lord and that their backing Israel so that they won’t come to terms and be at peace with the Palestinians. You didn’t know that you’re being blamed for all of the terror and trauma in the world?? You didn’t know that you are already being blamed for it?? You didn’t know that you are already guilty of treason??

You believe in the violent overthrow of all the nations of the world when the Messiah returns back in the day of the Lord and wipes all the nations out? That’s treason, you know that don’t you??

The only reason why you’re not in jail right now for it is that they haven’t decided yet to carry out the law, but you know what they’re starting to think about it now. If you think that we’re going to slide through this thing that’s coming in the days ahead, and we’re going to make it, kick back and cruse, we’ll hunker down in our own house and we’ll eat some of those turkey spam and some of those MRE’s, I got news for you. You won’t have the pleasure of getting to opening up those cans. You’re probably going to have to leave your house. You’re probably going to have to give it up. You’re probably going to give ground and find other people, to be like minded like you, that you can hang around with because you’re not going to trust anybody around. Because everybody is going to be dangerous to you. Yea there’s a famine coming, and the government is going to take the position like Pharaoh, and they’re going to make laws against you and me. They have already discussed making a law this January against me. If I read from the Bible on certain verses, I can be arrested for a hate crime, because I’ve spoken against that issue. They have the right, right now to arrest me on the spot! And by the way the guys that are getting caught up in these, they’re not winning their court cases. The courts are moving in a different direction, they’re becoming corrupt. Oh is that a shock to you because the courts are becoming corrupt? You know since the courts have been corrupting all kinds of laws?

Does it shock you that all the leaders of the nations are corrupt? Does that come as new information to you? Does it come as new to you that it’s not a fashionable thing for a leader to stand up and say that he’s a God fearing man? They think you’re crazy now, they think you’re an idiot. And you as general citizen, that you would proclaim the name of God.

I remember the days as a youth, somebody posing the question to me, if Christians are outlawed would they find enough evidence to be able to convict you? The idea that they wanted you to look like a good Christian and do good things.

By the way that law is getting ready to come here real quick and wearing a tallit or a kippa, or keeping Sabbath or being associated with God fearing people or whatever, it could be dangerous to you.

And then in the midst of us can you imagine all of the brethren in the midst of us saying: ‘don’t look like you’re a believer, don’t talk like that.’ You know that Peter didn’t want to look like a believer of Yeshua the night that they arrested him? In fact not only did he deny the messiah, he cursed to prove to them, I’m not one of those guys following that guy. How quickly he folded his tent when his life was threatened, just a little bit scary. And do you think, you think, you guys are going to be different from that? So, I’m here to tell you some tough times are coming. But the interesting part is the prophesy’ have already said it, told us what to do, how to get through it, and by the way out of the midst of all of this God says He’s going to save us and deliver us. That’s what this story of Joseph is all about”…

Let me just cap this whole thing off, the principle I wanted you to think about tonight on this Sabbath about the story of Joseph is that, the things that have happened in the past is actually God showing and revealing so that we would understand, and he’s already told us a whole lot of dreams and visions that’s going to affect us in the future, it’s part of God’s plan. He’s told you and me about it, it wasn’t just that he put the information out and oh by the way you can take it for what it is worth. I’m here to tell you he said it for you personally to know. He has shown this to you, it’s happening in front of your eyes, the days that we’re in. And God is going to bring this about quickly and soon, and my council to you is rather than be shocked and amazed as to what the world is going to be doing, pay close attention to what the Lord has said and follow what he says. Don’t come up with your own plan, don’t sit there and do a survey of your resources and say well ok I got these resources, and these resources, I think what I’ll do is this based on my resources. Your resources aren’t going to work! They’re not going to deliver you! Your gold is not going to deliver you, your money is not, you’re food you stored up is not going to deliver you! All that stuff is not going to deliver you, the Lord will deliver you and even if you get smart about the prophesy, I guarantee you when you get to the kingdom no one is going to be standing and saying: ‘you know I really paid attention to Monte and I did all the council of Monte had to say and that’s how I got saved. Nobody is going to be saying that! Even Monte is not going to be saying that. We will all say salvation to our God, God saved us. Guys you have got to start processing that right now!

Because I’m here to tell you even before we get to the event where it begins to take place, this world is going to start to going into a whirlwind of change like we haven’t seen before. And all the basic freedoms that you enjoy in life and daily routine you got right now, it’s getting ready to go away. And I’m going to tell you right now we’re going to need to pull together, and encourage one another and the primary thing is don’t get discouraged, trust the Lord. He’s got a plan, all that we have to do is follow the plan and He will deliver us, as surely as He delivered all of Jacob’s family from a worldwide famine, no one was going to escape this famine, but God has done some things into today with Joseph to preserve us. And I’m here to tell you that Yeshua has done some things in advance for us to preserve us. The question is can you recognize where Yeshua is in this process? Can you hear what He has to say or does God have to bop you upside of the side of the head and give you a vision and a dream to finally get your attention?? I would hope you would be able to just listen to His words today while you’re awake and alive and conscious and listen to those words that’s the better way, amen, let’s pray:

Father thank you for the wonderful story of Joseph, thank you for the story of deliverance, and I would ask Lord as we as the end time believers, as we get ready for a time of the end, and the changes coming to the world. Lord would you be preparing us to be wise unto your ways, wise unto your plan, to understand that you have been speaking to us for our benefit, and that we’ll understand and see with eyes, to see the things that your showing us, to hear the things that your really trying to say to us, to understand the things you want us to do, so that we’ll be prepared and ready, not be alarmed and fearful? And Lord [Yehoshua] that you’ll bring about quickly, because we really would like to see your kingdom come quickly, we’re kind of tired of this old world, and we would love to see your kingdom established soon and very soon, and that’s what we pray for in Yeshua’s name, amen.”

As of this writing some things have just now come to my attention:

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman Liberty Counsel are reporting that “A California Mayor is in the crosshairs of a Muslim group for making a reference to his "Christian community" in a speech.

Rex Harris, the mayor of Lancaster, California, recently told a group of Christian ministers, "We are growing a Christian community -- and don\'t let anybody shy away from that."

Little did Mayor Harris know that his words would be tested almost immediately!

First, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging that the mayor had violated the civil rights of all non-Christians in his message.

CAIR, which has been investigated for providing funds that promoted terrorism, further contends that the Mayor used his official capacity to "promote religion."

But it gets worse...

Despite a sincere formal apology by the Mayor, the Antelope Valley Human Relations Task Force has launched an additional investigation. They say that they have the authority to deem
an incident like this one a "hate crime" or "hate incident," which is now a federal crime!

It\'s "Open Season" on Christians

We cautioned months ago that the passage of a "Hate Crimes" bill would be the launching pad to overt censorship and even the criminalization of innocent public expressions of Christian faith.


That is exactly what is happening to Mayor Harris! And this unfolding incident in California is just the beginning...

Liberty Counsel is monitoring similar cases across the nation, and we anticipate that attacks against Christians will intensify in the days and weeks ahead.  Already, we are hearing of legal battles taking place in Michigan, Maryland, and other states”…

AS Monte Judah has clearly stated above, Christians need to prepare themselves for real persecution that we all knew would eventually happen here in the good old U S of A.


Reprinted by permission

Permission to reprint all these comments are given by both authors providing the appropriate credit is given.

Presented by Bill Haymin, 2010


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