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Quartzsite Publisher answers conspiracy accusations!

It has come to my attention a letter to the editor was published on this website accusing me of conspiracy to fix the election in Quartzsite, Arizona. I would like to address this issue with your readers.

My name is Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, Publisher of the Desert Messenger, Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper and www.QuartzsiteBlog.com. There have been numerous false and misleading statements published on blogs, Internet news services, and in other media, to try to cause injury, not just to the Desert Messenger and myself, but to the reputation of the town of Quartzsite. Ms. Jennifer “Jade” Harris and Mr. John “Jack” Jones, of www.quartzsitearizona.blogspot.com, have been presented with a Cease and Desist letter asking for a retraction, within the 20 days required by the State of Arizona Statutes regarding Defamation. The three word response received was, “Go Fxxx yourself!”

The Desert Messenger is a proud member of the Association of Free Community Papers and Media Bloggers Association. I am also a founding member of Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, a member of GFWC Women’s Club, Quartzsite Senior Center, and the Chairperson for town’s Arizona Centennial Committee of Quartzsite. Proud Neighbors was instrumental in the proclamation by then-Mayor Wes Huntley deeming Quartzsite, Arizona as "The Rock Capital of the World”.

There has been NO “conspiracy” between the town manager, Chief of Police and myself regarding the election results. I was too busy publishing a quality paper for the wonderful people of Quartzsite. I stand by my words in the email, as this was my personal experience. The email, which Ms. Harris said publicly that she took from a recycle bin (with names already redacted….looks like a La Paz County’s court document to me) explains my personal experience at the Quartzsite voter precinct on March 9, 2010. Russell Sias, a Quartzsite Town Council candidate, and his wife were turned away from the precinct, evidently just prior to my presence. I was not allowed to vote until the poll workers sorted out why the two had been allowed to pass with "incomplete ID". I have never claimed to be an expert in politics, but knew something about this didn’t seem right.

When I later asked Mr. Sias about the incident, he accused me of being “political” at a “Meet the Candidates” meeting. Eventually, Mr. Sias was investigated and produced a yearly rental receipt for an RV spot, as thousands of RVers do in Quartzsite. One note: his address on the rent receipt was in Utah, not in Arizona, but there has been no further investigation that I am aware.

The Desert Messenger, now in its 6th year, focuses on the local news, events and entertainment in Quartzsite and the surrounding areas. Letters to the Editor are accepted, within the published guidelines. By the way, I am also the Advertising Sales Manager, Graphic Artist, Editor, Layout Designer, Classified Sales Director, Circulation Manager, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Delivery Person, Reporter, etc. So one might understand why it took so long to research and send the now highly publicized email.

I invite readers to "listen" to the tone of words written on Internet blogs. Does the writer speak with integrity and clarity? Does the author hide behind being anonymous, or do they own their words? Research for yourself and find out the truth before passing it on. Be aware of anger just for the sake of anger, and accusations just to get people upset.

I also encourage readers to come to Quartzsite, “The Rock Capital of the World” during the winter season. There are thousands of acres of BLM land available for camping. There are many world famous swap meets, the largest Gem and Mineral Show of its kind, tons of great shopping, amazing music, RV & craft shows and lots, lots more! It’s THE place to be in January! Plus Quartzsite will be celebrating Arizona’s 100th Birthday for a whole year, beginning in February. There’s a lot more substance to Quartzsite than politics! Come experience it for yourself!

Thank you for the opportunity to share with your readers.

Shanana “Rain” Golden-Bear

Desert Messenger, Publisher

PO Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359



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Comment by J Jones
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This woman wouldn't know real news if it "Rain"ed down from heaven itself. She recently purchased this throw away freebie paper with no prior experience in journalism, and it's evident in every issue she prints. Her shameless attempt to promote it for apparent financial gain here on this website says a lot about her character.

As usual, her allegations are without merit and include only the sparse facts that portray her in an unrealistically favorable light. I guess Ms. Golden-Bear doesn't appreciate free speech when the community uses it to criticize her actions. If you can't take the heat, get out of Quartzsite!

She has a lot of nerve taking about "integrity" of anonymous bloggers after she used her newly purchased publication to print libelous and defamatory attacks on the opposition candidates for weeks leading up to the May election, while reportedly editing out letters critical of the incumbents or critical of her one sided "reporting". In her most recent issue, she continues her pathetic attack on newly elected " People's Mayor", Ed Foster. She writes: " At the La Paz County Board of Supervisors meeting on July 19th, Mayor Ed Foster did not stand up for our town. Is this for the common good of the community?"

Ironically, her lack of actual NEWS reporting seems to have actually spawned several not for profit blogs over which she has no control. Maybe Rain's just jealous that the blogs have more readers! If she's losing advertisers because of her unprofessional behavior, no one but Rain is to blame.Read it and decide for yourself -here's the link to the thread in dispute:


Mayor Ed Foster reports the REAL news here:


Proclaiming Quartzsite "the rock capitol of the world" is like putting lipstick on a pig. But I guess  Rain can't sell ad space by telling the ugly truth and calling it "Quartzsite, the town where one former Mayor hired a hit man to kill the other former Mayor and the police sleep with underage girls". Thankfully,  a coalition of concerned citizens is working hard to expose the corruption so that it can be eradicated once and for all. They are taking a stand for Quartzsite. And when you think about it, taking back America, one small town at a time is not a bad idea.


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