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Letters to the Editor • Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

A Challenge to Law Enforcement (IUPG)

You have been asked over the last several decades to do things that have placed you in harm’s way. A few in your ranks have been wholeheartedly willing to do these things and have contributed to the distrust and anger many Americans now have for law enforcement. A recent body slam on an 84 year old man by an officer, breaking the man’s neck in Arizona and a tasered 72 year grandmother are examples of the type of actions that shine such a negative light on law enforcement. This fascist attitude and actions of a small minority of officers must be changed so law enforcement can once again become the bastion for justice, equality, responsibility and compassion as part of the American way of life that we need to achieve once against, as the greatest nation in the world. I don’t know if you have seen any of the recent criminal justice stats for America compared to other countries, but they are not very good and a testament to a system gone awry.  It is time to take back our system and it is law enforcement that is in the best position to correct the many problems.

Many see the frustrations in so many of the officers as they are caught up in fulfilling the duties bestowed upon them by a money thirsty bureaucracy. According to various economists, the actions of the bureaucracy have now grown to such an extent that the ability to pay even the debt accumulated by relentless government spending, may not be able to be paid, even if taxation is doubled. Law enforcement has been placed in the unenviable position of being the henchmen for the politicians. The tax collector, once a position that was placed directly in the line of fire and paid extremely well for their duties has now been placed on the backs of law enforcement. Not only are you placed in the real line of fire, risking your lives to protect your fellow man, you are more often than not placed into positions to collect the money for our corpulent government. The extraordinary growth of government has brought us to dangerous levels, as the average American in the private sector has contributed so much of their earning, that many have reached insolvency; liabilities exceeding their assets. With many having declining incomes, this has contributed to declining tax revenues which is threatening government insolvency. In others words, the lower and middle class are struggling to make ends meet and law enforcement is being prodded to continue the relentless extraction of money from them to fund the bloated bureaucracy.  Frustration is affecting everyone so those in law enforcement, that at least still have jobs, must become better at their jobs, wiser in their dealing and more understanding and compassionate when solving the various problems they face in their duties.

Let’s offer our fellow citizens an alternative during these difficult times. Stop arresting them for not having a driver’s license because they were unable to pay a horrendous traffic fine levied upon them by a Judge earning three to ten times as much as the average person. Stop the low level drug enforcement. Stop putting men in Jail because they cannot pay their child support for lack of earnings. We have once again created a Debtors Prison into our society, a system that imposed so much hardship on the people of England, that it was one of the primary reasons for the call to independence and a Constitutional Provision that we are ignoring. Law Enforcement is contributing to the theft of money from malum prohibitum legislation designed to primarily extract money from people to feed the fat, hungry bureaucracy led by the politicians, Judges and their cronies, I call the court house vultures.  If law enforcement does not make the arrests, the bureaucracy will be forced to be cut once again to affordable levels. One gentleman running for a County Prosecutors office has promised in his campaign, not to prosecute prostitution and potheads so that he can focus on real crime, you know the ones with actual harmed victims.  You have been forced to focus your efforts on bringing in money to the bureaucracy instead of punishing and resolving real crimes, with real victims. Theft is not even being investigated, in many instances, or even responded to when 911 is called during the actual robbery. Law enforcement used to respond to robberies, especially those in action, attempting to at least try to catch the bad guys and return the property to its rightful owner. Those days appear, from various reports, to be long gone. Perhaps you are just protecting the property of the politicians, judges and the court house vultures.

Isn’t it better to offer a helping hand and drive a disgruntled 84 year old man home, who had a little too much to drink, rather than to break his neck with a body slam. Don’t let the fascist psychopaths within your ranks, get away with the behaviors that continue to appear in the various newspapers around the country. The power and position of law enforcement is looked upon by people as the entity that is the foundation of our society. You are the ones who are supposed to promote ethical non-violent behavior and you are blowing it by unwarranted behavior.  Do we do this by force and authoritarian discipline or do we encourage working things out in a peaceful manner and promoting self-discipline. We have seen what the former has done to our society and if we continue, I personally fear the results, as our economic deterioration continues and it is going to continue. 

We are always going to have the thieves and psychopaths among us. We surely must work to exercise them from the ranks of both law enforcement and society. Thinking and treating all people that challenge or disrespect the actions of law enforcement as criminals, to be handcuffed, beaten, tasered and jailed is flat out despicable and must be stopped. If you can achieve respect using psychological means than perhaps you are not bright enough to be in law enforcement.

What happened to the day when you investigated first, before taking police action, thereby allowing the parties and witnesses to assist in determining real or erroneously accused criminal activity. Remember the basis of our criminal justice system; Innocent Until Proven Guilty (IUPG).  How about the time when you had to have a physical warrant to make an arrest instead of a computer warrant that may or may not be correct? I should know, I spent the night in jail on an erroneous computer warrant that was not properly expunged from the system. “Tell it to the Judge” doesn’t cut it; that is a proverbial “cop”out. The local Judges are being induced by the Federal Judiciary and politicians, to continue the massive redistribution of wealth that has caused the greatest economic collapse since the great depression and you are their henchman.  Please take a stand against this continued insanity, before it is too late.

A quick story, to shine some light on authoritarian fascism, is how the SS under Hitler carried out many of their objectives in occupied territories.  They would go to local law enforcement and call a general meeting of the force. In front of everyone they would shoot and kill the commanding officer, garnering fear and loyalty within the rank and file. Thank God many fought back.

People do fear you right now but they also hate you and in my opinion for valid reasons. Stop enforcing all the malum prohibitum laws and we can once again restore the American dream. Yea, it’s going to require you to stand up against the court house vultures.  The question is, do you have the guts, or are you just another psychopath with a gun.

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Comment by William James
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Comment by Publius
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As a practical matter, Libertarians should know several things to help ensure their safety from the police:

1) Encourage Oath Keepers (

2) Know what to say and do in a police incident (

3) Learn how to record incidents (

4) (This is a long shot, but...) Forbid veterans from serving on police forces (unless of course they have MP training). The "us-against-them" mindset vital for military cohesion is fatal for domestic police. And of course veterans should still have government support for learning some other trade or skill.


Comment by Ross Wolf
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Police corruption increasingly abounds U.S. Cities. Citizens are illegally beaten, too frequently shot for minor offenses; falsely imprisoned. Reports repeatedly allege that 50% of drug cartel illegal drug proceeds are used to pay off corrupt police and government officials. As police corruption spreads so does the risks Americans may be "falsely" imprisoned—despite the conviction standard “evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.”

As the national economy worsens, Police departments faced with having to layoff police officers, increasingly look to criminal and civil asset forfeiture of Citizens’ property to pay their salaries and operating costs. That economic pressure has the potential of turning police officers into asset forfeiture squads. Corrupt Police too easily can falsify evidence, purchase or influence informant criminal and civil testimony to convict someone of a crime or forfeit their property. Federal and State Civil Asset Forfeiture requires a much lower standard of evidence than criminal evidence, “only a Preponderance of Civil Evidence” little more than hearsay to forfeit property, by charging property with crime. No one need be charged with a crime. There are over 200 federal laws and violations that can subject property to civil asset forfeiture e.g., a mistake on a mortgage application can forever subject your home to civil asset forfeiture.

Police asset forfeiture since 2007 has been severely set back; before the residential real estate crash, police derived a large part of their revenues reselling forfeited homes; that liquidly no longer exists. It makes no sense for state and federal police to seize homes they can’t sell but must maintain. Consequently police increasingly are utilizing 200 federal laws and violations to investigate complex white-collar/corporate crimes to civilly forfeit among other assets, intellectual property and patents that require only clerical oversight. Such assets don’t have to be sold by government and may provide a continuing stream of income to support police agencies.

After “The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act 2000” passed: the “old statute of limitations” died that prior, gave federal government “five years” to civilly seize property from the actual date a “property” was involved in crime. Federal agencies now have five-years to civilly seize property from “whenever police claim” they learned an “asset” was made subject to civil asset forfeiture. Local police work with federal police agencies via (adoption) to “federally forfeit property” to circumvent state laws that require a criminal conviction before a person’s property can be forfeited—the Feds then share with state/local police the proceeds realized from federally forfeited assets.

Everyday Americans unknowingly break laws that may subject their property to any of 200 laws and violations that can cause the civil forfeiture of their home, business or other assets. Congress could better protect Americans from police/government forfeiture abuse by passing legislation that raises the standard of evidence Government must use for Civil Asset Forfeiture, from a mere “Preponderance of Evidence” to Clear and Convincing Evidence.