Article Image Powell Gammill
Letters to the Editor • Environment

Corruption and Collusion in the Environmental Movement

When you think the government bureaucracy in charge of protecting the environment is watching out for the countries best interest, you should be aware that it’s not exactly what you had in mind or how it really works.

In many countries around the world, it is common knowledge that 10% of the cost of all projects must be paid (corruption money) to various politically interests. To get permitting and approvals, including the (environmental regulatations) you must literally pay off these people to get them to sign anything presented for approval. Then, other government bureaucrats, often times in the opposing political parties want to prosecute those that both payoff and receive the money. Government becomes counterproductive to the very interests they are supposed to be protecting, We the People and our environment.

Do you wonder why some of the alternative energies that you’ve heard about throughout history, are not instituted in our country to a higher degree, yet we can fight wars around the planet, based on often times false rational and lies?

Try getting your novel invention to the market in the U.S. There are so many regulatory requirements that cost so much that many estimate these costs to be in the range of 20% to 25% of the cost of the project. Ten (10%) to fifteen (15%) percent higher than in many other countries around the world and then we wonder why there are no jobs. It’s easier and less expensive to go abroad, as long as you don’t get caught paying off the various political environmentalists and Heads of State. Don’t get me wrong, those that are receiving the payoffs don’t want to get caught either and therefore most often times protect those companies when they try to get their technologies introduced.

Of course the existing business, having already gone through the rigmarole of getting their project instituted, of course also play politics, as they are already quite familiar with the players, try to keep out competition and people wonder why libertarians believe in what they do. You give government an inch of power and they will end up taking the whole enchilada.

So not only does the government environmentalist have to be paid off either directly or indirectly, they can deter better, less costly and more environmentally friendly products and services from being introduced into the marketplace. He who has the most money can pay off the most bureaucrats and Heads of State. This is the reality if you talk to people whom are involved in the various industries that operate nationally and internationally. A water turbine project in the U.S. we were told by the various agencies would take 3 to 5 years. I had already gone through my life saving, just getting to this point, now I have to go three to five more years. Nope, off shore we go where the costs and timelines are substantially less. I either had to go off shore or close down, sorry America.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some very good organizations out there like Green Peace and Sea Sheppards that do the real environmental protecting. Sadly because of the quagmire created by government environmentalist any benefits that government provide are negated by the very elements of government that act in their own interest first, rather than that of the majority. Approximately seventy (70%) percent of the revenue collected from you and I, goes into the pockets of the bureaucracy prior to the remaining 30% providing the various functions that government tries to provide. Homelessness is just one area, (the less fortunate), that falls through the cracks of the bureaucracy as they attempt to redistribute the money, keep their jobs and protect their special interests. Of course, they more powerful you are in government the more you can steer the monies in the directions of your supporters and the companies they own, hence cronyism and corruption are a despicable yet often times tolerated reality of politics.

While trying to change the world, it is very easy to get trampled, as the rich and powerful collude to maintain and control the means of production. To hell with the environment, when $billions are being thrown around by various governments and businesses to maintain their existing controls. Just understand that this is the general reality, not always, but most often and as you see nuclear power plants meltdown or massive floods as highwaters seek lower ground due to $multimillion dam or levie projects, remember where was the government environmentalists when this project was planned and implemented? Shut up and take the money.