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It's All a Scam!

Letter Written by: Robert Bilyeu
Date of Letter: 2011-03-23
Subject: Federal Reserve

Are we being deceived?  "It;s my money, and I want it now!"  Actually it isn't, for it belongs to the Federal Reserve Bank and their member banks all the time.  Since the Federal Reserve has been given the power to issue legal tender, all issuance emanates from them and is given either to our Government in exchange for Treasure securities in bills or bonds or to member banks as they are notified of their need.  Quite simply, it is borrowed into existence.

 When the FRN's are borrowed into existence, only the principle amount is borrowed, with the exception that it is borrowed at a percentage rate of interest (used for tightening or easing credit), which has never been created, resulting in a phenomenon known as inflation.  This in and of itself is beneficial to the Government and those member banks because they receive the full value of the borrowed FRN's which they in turn spend or distribute, knowing that the Government can recoup the interest through other transactions or through taxation.

Unfortunately, by the time these FRN's reach the public sector, they have been affected by this phenomenon known as inflation and then they are attacked by another phenomenon, that being either higher interest rates for the borrower or more restrictive tax laws.  Those that are affected the most are those poor that the Democratic Party are constantly fighting for at the same time that they are in turn creating more of in order to boost their power base.

Now that I understand this, I will turn to the Republican Party because they are not Democrats who believe in the redistribution of wealth, so I turn to the Republican Party and find that they are in favor of constantly giving more tax breaks to the rich and to the multi-national corporations.  But wait, the rich are either into multi-national corporations or they are investing their wealth in their stocks because the wealthy always use their wealth to acquire more so invest in manufacturing because the consumer pays for everything, and they are borrowing their monies from the same people as the Democrats are and in turn are helping the multi-nationals eliminate competition by giving them increasingly more advantageous tax breaks then to the small and mid-size businesses, thus the middle class begins to falter.  Besides that, both Parties are continually pushing for more "Free Trade Bills" (guess they've never heard that there is no free lunch, someone has to pay for everything).  They are also constantly helping to lower the living standard of the poor and middle classes in order to help the wealthy and thus they are also helping to bolster the power base of the Democrats, because they are creating more poor.

Next, we turn to the banks and "Fractional Reserve" lending.  Most banks are leveraged to a level of 7 to 10, meaning that they may loan up to ten times the amount of money they have on hand (thus a QE of 600 billion, you might add another zero).  This allows them to make much more money by lending, and most of their money is in turn borrowed into existence by the phenomenon of "fractional reserve lending".

When we, as taxpayers say it's our money, we are incorrect, however, it is our obligated debt.  Unfortunately, (lately I use that word a lot), when it comes to making decisions concerning how our Government should be run or decisions on war, we elect the "best?" and the "brightest?" for that, we are way too stupid to trust in those decisions, however, when it comes to paying the debt that these geniuses (elected and appointed) in Government have acquired, "We the People" are the Government.  Does that seem a little strange to you?

Tags: deceived, actually, belongs, federal, reserve, member, federal, reserve, tender, issuance, emanates, either
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