Dec. 6th, 2011 - Ernest interviews Tisha Casida - Ind. Colorado - Congressional Candidate 
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Subject:  Politics: Independent and Other Campaigns

Dec. 6th, 2011 - Ernest interviews Tisha Casida - Ind. Colorado - Congressional Candidate

Tisha Casida - Running for Congress, 3rd Congressional District; Pueblo, Colorado -

Program Date:  Monday, December 5, 2011
Hour 1:
Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 58:17 Mins and Secs

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Host: Ernest Hancock

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement -- that will come in its own time.

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Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 58:17 Mins and Secs
Guests Tisha Casida
Topics Independent for Congress

Declare Your Independence with
Ernest Hancock - December 6th, 2011 - Ernest interviews Tisha Casida.
Tisha is running as an independent for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District.
Economic Comeback

A strong economy is built on a free economy.  Freedom empowers everyone to create jobs, not just a select few in Washington.  By getting Washington off the backs of entrepreneurs in Colorado, small businesses will flourish and strengthen local communities.  As a small business owner, I understand that this nation became strong because of small businesses that were allowed to thrive.

Lower Taxes Means More Money

As your congresswoman, I will fight for lower federal taxes for all citizens of Colorado.  Lower taxes means more money for everyone to spend.  Money that will not be controlled by Congress. That’s why I guarantee that I will not vote for any tax increases while in office. We need taxes that favor the middle-class and get the economy moving forward, not taxes that stifle production.

Washington Spending Spree

I also understand that you cannot lower taxes without an equivalent decrease in federal government spending.  Therefore as your congresswoman, I will end corporate subsidies and bailouts that favor big businesses over small businesses. I am also committed to end all reckless spending: from foreign aid given to dictators to earmarked Congressional pet projects. Let me be clear: we need to cut the waste, including Congressional salaries and benefits. We need a sensible government, not a reckless one.

Too Much

Federal regulations must also be reduced, because the current regulatory systems have been captured by corporate interests and are driving up costs for small businesses.  Government regulations need to be at a minimum and at a fair level to ensure safety. But Congress doesn’t seem capable of doing that.  That’s why I believe that the State should ultimately decide on regulations.  And this includes returning forest management to Colorado, taking it out of the hands of federal bureaucrats.  We need a regulatory system for Colorado, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Debt Will Ruin Our Future

I understand that the federal government cannot sustain the current level of debt.  As your congresswoman, I will not vote for an unbalanced budget and I will support legislation to force a balance budget on the federal government.  U.S. citizens can’t continue to spend if they are financially in debt and Washington shouldn’t be an exception. We need to create prosperity for the next generation, not bankrupt it.

End the Fed

The Federal Reserve System is an unaccountable, unconstitutional, and unethical institution that manipulates the economy through monetary policy. The Federal Reserve is the primary cause to many of the nations problems.  It allows for unsustainable debt and it is the culprit behind economic bubbles. It also fuels government over-expansion by inflating our currency, which is essentially a hidden tax.

As your congresswoman, I will pass legislation to audit and eventually end the Federal Reserve System.  I will replace the current monetary regime with one that is empowered by the people’s representatives as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

It’s time to restore a sound currency to the United States and bring light to the secret practices of the bankers that control our money.

Restore the Constitution and Liberty

I want to be your congresswoman to protect all of your liberties in the Constitution against unlawful government intrusions. Congress is out of control and someone needs to stop it.

Both Democrats and Republicans like to pick and choose which liberties to protect and which to ignore.  Democrats trample the 2nd and 10th amendment, while Republicans forget about the due process amendments. The civil liberties preserved in the Constitution are not conditional – they are universal, at all times and to all people.

The United States Constitution is the most important law of the land. It may also be the most significant piece of law ever written.  However, over the past century, it has been perverted well beyond its original intent.  The federal government has grown far beyond its Constitutional limits and fails the protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  Our Rights come from God – we grant some responsibilities to the State, and our respective States designate some responsibilities to the United States.  That is the order – our Rights start with us.

Defense of the United States

A strong national defense is necessary for any strong country. It should be one of the federal government’s main objectives. Our troops should know, however, that they will never be asked to put their lives on the line for anything other than defense of our citizens, Constitution, and country. The brave men and women of this country have been asked to be the strong-arm of the United Nations for too long.  For too long, they have been asked to put their lives on the line for special interests, and have been sent out to “liberate” third world countries. Our men and woman in uniform deserve the very best we have to offer them, and it’s time that is how they are treated.

Defense is one of the main functions of the federal government, but defense should never be equated to unconstitutional wars and military bases occupying 130 countries. I will fight for American military families by bringing the troops home.  We have a border to protect.

Fuel America

We should be using our country’s resources responsibly – ending our dependence upon foreign oil. This country has tremendous resources that offer great opportunities for the people who live here.  A free marketplace that allows for transactions and innovation will assuredly create the enterprises that we need to sustain our energy needs now and in the future.

In the 3rd district of Colorado, there is an abundance of natural energy sources that can be applied to solving our energy problems – this in turn would stimulate the economy. We have an abundance of natural gas and coal that can be responsibly developed. Here in Colorado, we can develop energy that doesn’t pollute our neighbors – with responsible technology and the use of renewable resources. Natural resource development should be in the hands of the State of Colorado; the current stringent federal control will guarantee that Colorado’s energy is left untouched while the economy continues to falter. It’s Colorado’s resources, not theirs!


As a small-business owner, sustainability means profitability.  The only way to have sustainability in an economy is to have it making money. It is possible to engage in things that are inherently sustainable – domestic clean energy production, recycling, natural/organic food production – and make money. That is why you see large multi-national corporations with sustainability departments.

It is impossible to legislate, mandate, or order people to behave in a certain manner. What is possible is to create an environment that fosters people’s desires to preserve and protect the environments that are healthy and recreational. It is up to us as individuals to make these decisions, whether purchasing something or throwing it away. We as consumers make decisions that affect the health of the environment and the beauty of a free-market economy is that is allows people to learn and make these choices for themselves. The most sustainable means of protecting the environment is having educated people making purchasing decisions.

International agencies and mandates, including Agenda 21, are unconstitutional.  No international agency should ever be able to dictate policy to the American people.  Decisions about the environment, economy, and food supply are best left to LOCALITIES – who can truly make the best judgement as to what will benefit their economies and communities.

Agriculture & Food Supply

I am against any federal or international intrusion into our food supply, which includes organic/raw foods, and natural health supplements/vitamins.  The NAIS causes un-due economic harm on small producers (who are already struggling to survive thanks to the economy and big-business subsidies).  I believe that genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are an intrusion into the American people’s right to know what they are consuming (and therefore should be at least labeled – however, I do not think these should have ever entered into our food supply in the first place and are quite dangerous to the eco-system).  CODEX Alimentarius is dangerous, scary, and completely unconstitutional – NO INTERNATIONAL AGENCY should ever be able to dictate policy to the American people.  EVER.  Period.


Parents have the right to home-school their children and I am against any federal rules and regulations that make it difficult or stop them from being able to do that.  Education is the key to creating critically-thinking citizens who can learn and grow in our country.  It is our right to be able to educate ourselves and our families, and I stand with people who desire to teach their own children.  When I have a family it will be my method of educating my children, because that is my right and responsibility as a parent.  Others, who want to do the same, should always have that opportunity – that is their right.


Illegal immigration is just that – illegal.  It is imperative that we protect American citizens.  This is two fold – we must secure the border and we must streamline process for legal immigration into the United States.

In addition to this, we must end the incentives that allow illegal immigrants to benefit as citizens, but do not contribute to those services.  Ending these incentives allows for a free-market approach to ending what may bring people here illegally in the first place.

Lastly, States can decide to use some type of system to verify the citizenry of people applying for jobs, so that employers understand that they will be held accountable for assisting with people who are breaking the law.


As a female I cherish the ability to give life and find the current statistics concerning abortion horrifying. Nonetheless, the federal government can never tell a woman what to do with her body. We cannot legislate morality – instead of picketing at places like Planned Parenthood, we should get involved in our communities and help these young women so that such a horrible choice would never have to be made in the first place. Our country has a moral problem when it comes to this issue – the government can’t fix it, but we can.

    War on Drugs/Marijuana

The drug war is a complete fallacy and is doing nothing to stop drug use. If people are apt to use drugs, no legislation or war will stop them. You cannot legislate morality or behavior. I absolutely support the ability of states to legalize medical marijuana. As a matter of fact, it is incredibly beneficial to local economies. Constitutionally speaking, marijuana growth and use is not a federal issue at all. There is nothing stopping people from growing or using a substance, which is in effect, a plant.


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