07-11-17 -- Roger Ver - Vince Edwards - Dr. Judy Mikovits -- 
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OpenBazaar Hosting by Agorist Hosting
Subject:  Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

07-11-17 -- Roger Ver - Vince Edwards - Dr. Judy Mikovits (VIDEO & MP3s LOADED)

Roger Ver (Bitcoin Evangelist; Angel Investor) provides an update on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - Vince Edwards details his experience being put in jail for defending his private property rights - Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD (molecular biologist)

Program Date:  Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Full Show:
Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 201:0 Mins and Secs
Hour 2:
Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 30:00 Mins and Secs
Hour 3:
Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 85:00 Mins and Secs

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Host: Ernest Hancock
Email: ernesthancock@cox.net
Website: www.ernesthancock.com

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement -- that will come in its own time.

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Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 201:0 Mins and Secs
Guests Roger Ver
Topics Bitcoin Mining , Bitcoin

Hour 1 -- Roger Ver (Bitcoin Evangelist; Angel Investor) provides an update on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Hour 2 -- Roger Ver stays on for the first half of Hour 2 to continue the conversation on Bitcoin; Vince Edwards (comes on in last half of Hour 2) has recently been released from jail on the government trespassing on his private property and he comes on the show to provide an update on his case, and to detail his experience [Contact information and Bitcoin Address listed in Hour 2]

Hour 3 -  Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD (molecular biologist) on CDC corruption/vaccine education; Immune Defense Summit - FREE ONLINE SUMMIT July 24-31, 2017

CALL IN TO SHOW: 602-264-2800


Feature Article  •  Global Edition
Freedom's Phoenix
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Donna Hancock
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July 11th, 2017

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

on LRN.FM / Monday - Friday

9 a.m. - Noon (EST)

Studio Line: 602-264-2800 



Hour 1

2017-07-11 Hour 1 Roger Ver from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver has been a longtime proponent of voluntaryism, the idea that all human interactions should be by mutual consent, or not at all. He is most well-known for his work promoting Bitcoin. In 2011, his company, Memorydealers.com, became the first mainstream company to start accepting bitcoin as payment. He then went on to create Bitcoinstore.com, the first website in the world to accept bitcoin as payment for hundreds of thousands of items, and was the impetus for the future wave of merchant adoption. He also became the first person in the entire world to start investing in Bitcoin startups. Nearly singlehandedly, he funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses. 

Some other notable actions were:

His $10,000 bitcoin bet:

His resulting $1M USD donation to the Foundation For Economic Education, fee.org

His $160,000 donation to the defense of Ross Ulbricht, creator of the Silk Road

His paying over $100,000 for national radio ads on more than a hundred stations across the USA advertising Bitcoin from 2011 to 2014

Multiple billboards advertising bitcoin in Silicon Valley, including the infamous, Honey Badger of Money design.

Giving away thousands of bitcoins all over the world, to anyone who would listen.

In his earlier life, he was most influenced by the works of Murray Rothbard, but was also inspired by the likes of Fredric Bastiat, Henry Hazlitt, Leonard Read, Frederick Hayek, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, David Friedman, and many others in the Austrian school of economic thought.
More information on these types of ideas can be found at www.fee.org and www.mises.org 

More recently he has been inspired by the works of Larken Rose, and Michael Huemer on philosophy regarding the legitimacy of government's right to exist at all.

I'm currently involved in numerous Bitcoin related projects. Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet. If you don't already know about it, google it. Useful Bitcoin related links:









Visit http://www.rogerver.com for more info & updates


Roger's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show: https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Guest-Page.htm?No=00730





Here are some links to the people working at the mining company that is most supportive of Core and Blockstream:



Notice the Washington DC address. Notice all the people who used to work for government.

Their CIO Alex Petrov, used to work for Interpol full time before Bitfury, and still does consulting work for them.

These people are Blocksteam and Core's biggest supporters, and the biggest opponents to allowing bitcoin to scale for the world to be able to use it.


Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 30:00 Mins and Secs
Guests Vince Edwards , Roger Ver

Topics Private Property Rights , Bitcoin

Hour 2 -- Roger Ver stays on for the first half of Hour 2 to continue the conversation on Bitcoin; Vince Edwards (comes on in last half of Hour 2) has recently been released from jail on the government trespassing on his private property and he comes on the show to provide an update on his case, and to detail his experience [Contact information and Bitcoin Address listed in Hour 2]


Hour 2

2017-07-11 Hour 2 Roger Ver; Vince Edwards from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

First Half Hour 2 - Roger Ver (Cont'd)

Second Half of Hour 2 - Vince Edwards

Vince has recently been released from jail on the government trespassing on his private property and he comes on the show to provide an update on his case, and to detail his experience






Vince's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show: https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Guest-Page.htm?No=01284

Vince is the author of:I'm Leaving Civilization, Wanna Come With Me? (Click Here for PDF)



Funded Justice Fundraiser Page - Free Vince Edwards!:


Please help expose judicial corruption and help Vince stand up for our rights! 

Is this video worth a FELONY CHARGE?

Or was it a FB post where Vince stated: "I'm the one your momma warned you about!"
Vince is Jailed for PROTECTED free speech. Are "we the people" going to let this stand?




Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 85:00 Mins and Secs
Guests Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD

Topics Vaccines , Immune Defense Summit

Hour 3 -  Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD (molecular biologist) on CDC corruption/vaccine education; Immune Defense Summit - FREE ONLINE SUMMIT July 24-31, 2017


Hour 3

2017-07-11 Hour 3 Dr Judy A Mikovits, PhD from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD

To contact Judy: marcinc0224@gmail.com

Webpage: http://www.marcinc.org/

Judy testified on a lawsuit for Racketeering and conspiracy against the CA legislators who passed the SB277 mandating toxins be inoculated in their children under the guise of vaccination and she will re-cap her testimony...

Lawsuit: First-Amended-RICO-Complaint--img20160817_09071194.pdf


Other references and webpages:




Judy's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show: https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Guest-Page.htm?No=01359

Judy A. Mikovits, PhD has spent her life training to be a research scientist to honor her grandfather who died of cancer when she was a teenager. Dr. Mikovits earned her BA from University of Virginia and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University. In her 35-year quest to understand and treat chronic diseases, she has studied immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, virology and drug development. In just over twenty years she rose from an entry-level lab technician to become director of the lab of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms at the National Cancer Institute before leaving to direct the Cancer Biology program at EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals in Santa Barbara, California where she had met and married David Nolde in 2000. There in 2006, she became attracted to the plight of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism. In only five years she developed the first neuroimmune institute from a concept to a reality and is primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between immune based inflammation and these diseases. She has published over 50 scientific papers.

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits recently founded MAR Consulting Inc. with her collaborator Dr. Frank Ruscetti. 


She can be contacted at:

MAR Consulting Inc.

300 Carlsbad Village Drive

Suite 108A  Box 132 

Carlsbad, CA  92008or


MAR Consulting Inc. website:


Mission statement

MAR Consulting Inc., led by Drs. Frank Ruscetti and Judy A. Mikovits, seeks to understand complex and innovative biological issues to yield unbiased integrated, cutting-edge information for  patients and physicians impacted by some of the most challenging chronic diseases. Utilizing their combined 75 years experience in tumor biology, immunobiology of retroviral-associated inflammatory diseases, cancer, stem cell biology, hematopoiesis, and drug development, MAR focuses on research projects, consulting (to patients doctors, academia, and industry) and lecturing without the restrictive authority of vested interest groups, following Thomas Jefferson's dictum: "Here we are not afraid to follow the truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate error so long as freedom is left free to combat it."

Webpage: http://www.plaguethebook.com/

http://nebula.wsimg.com/f21f2e6991e9f6cca59d99a18a6743f0?AccessKeyId=9A4B018BAAEAE6B8C001&disposition=0&alloworigin=1About Plague...

On July 22, 2009, a special meeting was held with twenty-four leading scientists at the National Institutes of Health to discuss early findings that a newly discovered retrovirus was linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and eventually neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

When Dr. Judy Mikovits finished her presentation the room was silent for a moment, then one of the scientists said, "Oh my God!" The resulting investigation would be like no other in science.

For Dr. Mikovits, a twenty-year veteran of the National Cancer Institute, this was the midpoint of a five-year journey that would start with the founding of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease at the University of Nevada, Reno, and end with her as a witness for ?the federal government against her former employer, Harvey Whittemore, for Illegal campaign contributions to U. S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

On this journey Dr. Mikovits would face the scientific prejudices against CFS, wander into the minefield that is autism, and through it all struggle to maintain her faith in God and the profession to which she had dedicated her life. This is a story for anybody interested in the peril and promise of science at the very highest levels in our country.

Plague The Book: Teaser Trailer:

To order your copy of Plague: One Scientist's intrepid Search For the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases    Click on any of the links -  Amazon.com    Barnes & Noble.com   IndieBound



Trace Amounts Documentary

After recovering from a devastating sickness that brought him to the edge of despair, Eric Gladen would quit his career, move into an RV, and travel the country for years trying to piece together one of the biggest childhood epidemics of all time...and he just may have done it.



Bolen report on new CDC director



The Greater Good - Movie Trailer:

About the Film

The Greater Good Movie AwardsTHE GREATER GOOD is an award winning character-driven documentary that explores the cultural intersections where parenting meets modern medicine and individual rights collide with politics. The film offers parents, doctors and policy makers a safe space to speak openly, actively listen and learn from one another. Mixing verité footage, intimate interviews, 1950s-era government-produced movies and up-to-date TV news reporting, THE GREATER GOOD weaves together the stories of families whose lives have been forever changed by vaccination.

Why We Need This Film

THE GREATER GOOD — It's time to Think Again.

This documentary tells the rarely heard stories of three families adversely impacted by vaccination. This important perspective on the issue of vaccine safety has been left out of the mainstream media debate for too long. These courageous families show us that it is time to Think Again:

Think Again about the many more studies that are necessary to be certain that children are protected

Think Again about protecting the rights of families to choose a vaccination plan that works for their family's unique medical situation

Think Again about how to make sure vaccines are tested properly

THE GREATER GOOD is inspiring parents nationwide to learn more about the issue, and to foster an informed, balanced conversation with their doctors, schools and communities.

Inspiration For the Film

Few issues are more controversial, more hotly debated or more divisive than vaccines. As new parents, we wanted to dig deep into this complex and polarizing issue so that we could learn firsthand what experts believe, share that information with the public, and open the hearts and minds of viewers to the fact that vaccine injuries do occur. Our goal is to create a rational discussion on the subject of vaccine safety and to help ensure a safer and more effective vaccine program in America today.

The topic of vaccinations is right up there with religion and politics as something "not to discuss around the Thanksgiving table." THE GREATER GOOD aims to change that paradigm. The film looks at the issue through a new lens, taking a step back to see the bigger picture. We present the issue with all of its complexities and nuances and hope to create a safe space by bringing the rational back to the discussion of vaccinations. We hope the film will serve as a resource for parents, physicians and other concerned audiences to support a national dialogue on vaccines and vaccine safety.


July 10, 2017, Fox News, Tucker Carlson: Robert F. Kennedy Jr: My response to John Oliver


Tucker Carlson: "Robert Kennedy, Jr. has spent years campaigning for safer vaccines in the United States. Recently that campaign provoked some savage ridicule from HBO host John Oliver." (CLIP OF OLIVER)

Carlson: "The response to that piece that John Oliver did really struck me. …They piled on you. Why? Why is raising questions about the safety of vaccines a no-go zone on the left?"

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: "It's interesting because it's not consistent with the traditional liberal posture of skepticism towards large corporate power and particularly the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies.

"The CDC has been characterized by at least four federal studies as 'a cesspool of corruption' because of its pervasive interactions—entanglements I would say—the vaccine industry.

"CDC vaccine branch is really a subsidiary of the vaccine industry. It sells $4.1 billion worth of vaccines a year. It spends about $4.6 billion, almost half of its budget, promoting vaccines, and it only spend $20 million testing vaccines. That's good for a tiny handful of the vaccines we have.

"I've been meeting recently with the heads of various federal agencies, and one of the shocking things about vaccines is that there is very little safety testing.

"If you have a normal drug, let's say Vioxx or Viagra, if you want to bring that to market, typically the FDA requires you to do double blind placebo studies. …You watch typically for around five years and see if there's harm.

"With vaccines, all of those requirements are waived."

Carlson: "I don't know what to think of that. I have many children. I had them all vaccinated. I'm not against vaccines, but I am for asking sincere questions. I'm deeply suspicious of those who shout down those questions on the basis of the fact they're unfashionable.   

"I don't understand why all of a sudden you're not allowed to ask sincere questions. …"

Kennedy: "It's deeply concerning to me because if you look at the vaccine schedule, the vaccine schedule was expanded dramatically in 1989. In 1987 Congress passed a law giving blanket immunity from liability to vaccine manufacturers. So suddenly vaccines became pay dirt. There was a gold rush to put new vaccines on the schedule.

"I got three vaccines when I was a kid, and I was fully compliant. My children got 69 vaccines. Today's children get 74 vaccines. Seventy-four shots of 16 vaccines. And no one has ever tested what all those vaccines do together. In fact many of the vaccines have not been tested at all for the illnesses that are associated with them."

Carlson: "I don't know what the answer is, but I know what the questions ought to be. And you always have a place on this show to ask them. …"

Kennedy: "That is very kind and courageous of you because as you know, most television hosts will not let you on to talk about this issue. On the evening news, typically seventeen out of twenty-four advertisements are pharmaceutical advertisements, and most hosts are frightened of that, so I am very grateful to you for your willingness—"

Carlson: "I don't think we ought to be afraid of honest questions,…"

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017

Subject: Tucker Carlson segment/Robert Kennedy, Jr.?

Thank you, Tucker Carlson and Fox News, for the exceptional July 10th coverage of Robert Kennedy, Jr. speaking on vaccine safety.


Since the 1980s the U.S. childhood vaccine schedule has more than tripled without a single study of the cumulative effect of so many shots so soon on the health of a child, just as Kennedy said.

There are many reasons to question the safety claims of officials at the CDC. Besides the vast web of money ties to the industry they're supposed to be overseeing, this agency is mired in scandals that go unreported by the mainstream press.

In 2010 we learned about Dr. Poul Thorsen, a Danish researcher hired by the CDC whose studies on vaccine safety have been called into question, and he is under federal indictment for falsifying documents and embezzling $2 million from the CDC. He is living in Denmark.

In 2014, we learned that top CDC vaccine researcher Dr. William Thompson revealed that his superiors ordered him to destroy findings that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. In 2015 U.S. Rep Bill Posey went before the House and pleaded with members to hold hearings on Thompson.https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4546421/rep-bill-posey-calling-investigation-cdcs-mmr-reasearch-fraud So far, no committee wants to investigate this cover-up charge.

We have the most vaccinated children on the planet and some of the sickest. Besides chronic health problems like seizure disorder and diabetes, one in five U.S. children has a learning disability and two percent of our kids are on the autism spectrum.

Please have Robert Kennedy on again. He has a lot more to say on this subject. What could be more important than the health and safety of our children?

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism


Immune Defense Summit

The Immune Defense Summit experts will cover:

+Infectious disease solutions (without toxic drugs!)

+Latest advances in immune protective protocols

+How to stop the threat of colds, flu and pneumonia

+Alarming vaccine news (and safe alternatives!)

+Strategies to reverse disease symptoms at the root cause

+And more!

36 of the world's top experts in integrative medicine and science are here to discuss the strengthening of your immune system to help protect you from all types of diseases, including autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease, dementias and even common pathogens like the flu, measles and pneumonia. Don't miss this summit!



Ty Bollinger Avoiding Cancer Cell Growth

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Niki Gratrix, mBANT, CNHC Link Between Emotions and Disease

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

David Minkoff, MD Overcoming Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Daniel Pompa, PScD Detox and Immunity Solutions

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP Thyroid Disorders and Immune Health

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Judy A. Mikovits, PhD Vaccines and Immunity: The Untold Story

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Dr. Thomas Janossy Biofilm Warnings: Uncovering Toxic Threats

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN Heal the Gut, Heal the Immune System

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Phil Carson, DPh, RPh Nature's Pharmacy: Safe Sickness Solutions

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Donna Powers CCH, RSHom (NA) The Hidden Value of Fevers

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

James ColquhounFounder, FoodMatters Best Foods for Strong Immunity

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD Killing Viruses Naturally

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Michael T. Murray, ND Supplements for Immune Strength

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Heather Wolfson, DC Family Health: Where Immunity Begins

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Christopher Shade, PhD How Chronic Infections Block Detox

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Mike AdamsLab Science Director, CWC Labs Pandemic Preparedness: A Survival Guide

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Marjory Wildcraft Home Remedies for Infections

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS Dental Dangers: The Roots of Disease

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD Health Impact of Wireless Technology

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS Cellular Stress: The Link to Disease

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP Candida and Immunity Solutions

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker's website

Raphael Kellman, MD The Master Key to Immune Health

What You'll Learn +

Visit this speaker'


And then there's this...

Side Effects May Include (a prescription medicine commercial parody)s website

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