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C.J. Czaia - The Myths of Immigration / Bill Fletcher - Attack on Unions / Andy Worthington - Libya

C.J. Czaia - The Myths of Immigration / Bill Fletcher - Attack on Unions / Andy Worthington - Libya - Revolution in Libya

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Guests: C.J. Czaia
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C.J. Czaia - Attorney, Expert on Latino Rights in the United States, is a founding board member and Chairman of UnidosNow! - Immigration Expert

The Myths of Immigration

Illegal Immigration MUST be addressed, but how should it be handled?

On President Obama's website, he addresses Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  It states that Democrats and Republicans alike overwhelmingly agree that our immigration system is broken and that it's unacceptable to have 11 million people in the United States who are living here illegally and outside of the system.

Latino immigrants have been widely targeted as the problem when it comes to illegal immigration in the United States.  But is this the truth?

There are many arguments going on in our legislative system that face immigration.  The DREAM Act was rejected, and other legislation like the Arizona Law have surfaced in local states.

What is the REAL truth behind immigration, does it hurt our economy, should the DREAM Act have been passed? 

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Andy Worthington - "Revolution in Libya: Protesters Respond to Gaddafi’s Murderous Backlash with Remarkable Courage; U.S. and UK Look Like the Hypocrites They Are," which states: "An adept survivor, Gaddafi came onside in the 'War on Terror' after the 9/11 attacks, prompting the most miserably transparent examples of hypocrisy on the part of Western nations, as their leaders queued up to welcome the former pariah as an ally and barely managed to disguise their excitement at having access to Libya’s rich oil reserves.

Is This the Endgame for Gaddafi’s Murderous Regime in Libya?

Author: "The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison"
Co-Director of the film: "Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo.

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