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U.S. medic gets 8 months jail for Iraq desertion

• Reuters
A U.S. army medic who fled his base and refused to return to Iraq with his unit was sentenced to eight months in prison for desertion. Mexican-born combat medic Agustin Aguayo, who describes himself as a conscientious objector, is one of the first U

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Comment by Ed Price
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Many folks who are in prison - consider all the harmless drug "illegal" drug use - didn't realize when they committed the "crime" that the outcome was going to be that bad. So, when you commit the "crime" of joining the military, you can't always count on good results - potential death in Iraq, mental and/or physical harm in some police action, mental hardening to being a loving caring person (like a hardened criminal) because of having to endure all the unnecessary harm you'll doing to others.

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