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Bush takes aim at GOP critics of immigration deal

• Boston Globe
Bush lashed out at critics within his own party yesterday, accusing Republican opponents of distorting the immigration deal he negotiated with leading congressional Democrats and playing on the politics of fear to undermine public support.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Listen up! If anyone in GA believes one word G W Bush tells them,GA should not be considered as a Legitimate State and the process of removal should start immediately.
Bye the way! did g w bush take questions?
I didn`t think so.
bush dosn`t ever know what it feels like to be American,he`s never been one.
He has been fired from every job Poppy Bush got for him.
He has never done one thing on his own.
As a matter of fact,he couldn`t cheat the people of Arlington Texas out of Millions all by himself,he had to have help.
Will someone please tell me what g w bush has ever done,that was good for America.
Good luck with that question,you will have to dig deep.Maybe all the way to China.