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Congressman Ron Paul Targeted For ‘Destruction’ By US War Leaders

Political scientists from the Russian Political Science Association are reporting today about an ‘unusual’ American Presidential candidate, named Ron Paul, and who is a current US Congressman from the State of Texas, who has so raised the animosity o

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Comment by Hawkeye
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If anything happens to Ron Paul I doubt if Americans will do anything about it but talk.Maybe America can get together 25 or 30 people that are willing to carry a sign or something,for a day,after that,it`s back to American Idle.
If it`s NFL season,or NASCAR season,I doubt if you would find 25 or 30 Americans that think saving their country is more important than watching the game,or a race.
At this point in America`s life ,American`s are pathetically ignorant and greedy,not to mention STUPID
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