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Public hearing in Washington on "Secure Flight"

• Practical Nomad
The Secure Flight proposal would apply to domestic flights the same requirements for government-issued travel credentials and individualized, explicit, prior, per-flight permission to travel as the DHS plans to apply to international flights

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Comment by William Patriot
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Not a no brainer, this has several ploys to it.
Bankrupt airlines. control the idiots who comply,
Cause the public to be scared of nothing., create anxiety enough to make them be willing to give up all freedom for the safety provided by government,
Guess what ? we have no government capable of providing safety, at least public safety.
Naturally, this makes this treasonous government safer from us, because we comply to it's demands.
Stand up you cowards ! An elderly woman in a wheelchair beat the crap out of one of these government appointed whimps and ran her wheelchair over him.
This was what Americans used to be like !
Think about it !.

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