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County sheriff sets up checkpoint for private research firm

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Motorists in Colorado are expressing outrage over a weekend stunt in Gilpin County, where highway checkpoints were set up so a private organization could ask for samples of blood and saliva. READ THIS STORY then check comments

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Comment by Bob Dylan
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Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate who admits the that we have a Police State.

Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate who will protect our civil liberties.

The one man who has a proven track record %100 voting record that makes him trustworthy to hold the highest office of the land.

Research him for yourself, and join the fight to save America:

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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">My Interview with Gilpin County Sheriff Bruce Hartmann

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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">Arizona History with a similar program “Project Lead”

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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link text – The site for the “Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation” is down (Shocking,… not!)
PIRE - Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Engaged residents reduce alcohol-related crime in neighborhoods Engaged residents reduce alcohol-related crime in neighborhoods ... - 49k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

CASHED File of the site (gotta love Google 

Gilpin County Sheriff’s public relations representative, Cherokee Blake, told me that the sheriff would be calling me today and that they have been getting a lot of contact on this issue. The sheriff’s name is Bruce Hartmann at 303 582 1060. Cherokee (cool name) told me that the “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” “commissioned” the “survey”.

The fact that the federal government has its hand into this effort is of no surprise. Let’s see what we can find out there…

Colorado Regional Offices:

Busy signals 

I let you guys know if I get a call from the Gilpin County Sheriff.

I guarantee you that this is the start of something much larger and the Big Bad Guys have their paranoid tyrannical hands all over this.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Of all of the tell tale signs of a major ramping up of the Police State here in America and around the world, this story has caused me the most concern of any other for a long time. "Private" companies with the aid of Local Law Enforcement taking DNA samples (voluntarily?) from trapped motorists at a road block is a very very very very very BAD INDICATION of what is soon to come.

I am very busy right now with many things on a tight deadline, but I am going to do some investigative work and start asking the important questions no one seems to ask. And I would like your help. The first question is, WHY?

Why was this done? Why would local law enforcement allow this? Why are they not being disciplined? Why is this not an illegal activity?

Then there are some WHO questions on my mind. Like who the F#@% are these people?

The next posting I put will be about what I can find out in an hour or so to help get us all started on this. There are so many such things going on that it is hard to select a story that needs some focus before the next "Oh my Gawd" story slaps us in the face. But this is a story that each of us should spend a few minutes/hours/days before we are distracted again. It's a FreedomsPhoenix project now,... and is important enough to have the great minds on this list ask some questions.

I'm going to leave this story at the top of the page until the Email Dispatch goes out tomorrow morning at 1am. All information that is accumulated up to that point will be placed here in the comment section. I'll try and get us started.

It takes quite a lot to get me this worked up, but I see what is coming and this is definitely one the major signs for it.


Comment by William Patriot
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This county Sheriff does NOT know his job or duties as sheriff, get rid of him now !