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How the "war on drugs" brought communism to the US

• Freedom in Our Time(Will Grigg)
Alan and Stephne Roos of Bothell, Washington are victims of Communism. The couple -- a butcher and dental assistant, respectively lost their automobiles to the officially sanctioned form of theft called "asset forfeiture" because their 24-

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Comment by William Patriot
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The war on drugs ,has always been a ploy to seize property and inprison people to make it impossible to fight back.
Who wouldnt ,with evil intentions accept the idea of stealing property and stating it was legal to benefit themselves.
This is nothing new, and should be expected to continue as long as we allow it.
The cult called law makers, judges ,lawyers,Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and last but not least, the so called president are all making laws. Not laws of true justice, but laws to benefit themselves and disrupt the security under the Bill of Rights, A true just law.
Slowly but surely these scum have taken over the reigns of a runaway dictatorship, called Democracy.
This nation has never entended to be less than a Republic. Anyone who states it is a Democracy
has shown their Communist leanings.
Confiscation of property without just compensation is theft, and should be treated as such ! However Communism refuses to recognise this fact. So those who are involved in this act are furthering communism and Dictatorship in this country, plain and simple ! Think about what you are doing, Law enforcement ! Your property WILL be next, after you have served your purpose.!!