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The Case for Ron Paul Taking Matching Funds

• by Walter Block (LewRockwell)
Should Ron Paul apply for, or accept, matching funds from the government for his political campaign? Would he be justified in doing so? What is the libertarian position on anyone accepting any monies from the state for whatever reason?

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Comment by William Patriot
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Ron, Remember the old saying about Greeks bearing gifts ?
This is corruption bearing gifts.

Comment by Bill Holmes
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1. As far as most folks are concerned, that $1 check box on their 1040 is what funds Matching Funds.
2. Ron Paul is a Repblican, not a Libertarian. While this issue may be cogent for a Libertarian candidate, it's not for Republican candidates who always accept Matching Funds.
3. The Matching Funds concept was invented to exclude third parties. Ron Paul us our chance to elect someone who will eliminate Matching Funds.
4. Americans voted for the CONgresspersons who enacted Matching Funds. Accepting those funds is only complying with the will of the majority in the Democracy proclaimed by FDR.
Let's not waste energy on non-issues when America is on the verge of tyranny and losing its identity when it is merged with Canada and Mexico.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Temptation from the devil. Ron Paul takes taxpayer money, and Ron Paul ceases to be Ron Paul. End of campaign. There will be pressure from certain members of his campaign to take the money, because they can dream of all the good things they can do with that money. Judas' silver. Hopefully someone in the media in an interview will get Paul on record, yes or no, are you going to take matching funds?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Don't do it!

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