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Should Ron Paul Accept Federal Matching Funds ?

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There have been a few articles over at Lew Rockwell’s blog on the question of whether Ron Paul should accept federal matching funds (i.e., tax dollars taken from people who might not necessarily support his campaign) in his run for the White House.

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Comment by William Patriot
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Never ! #1- The Supreme Court has stated ; What the government subsidises, the government controlls.
#2- The government has NO money of it's own,and never has, only the money it has illegaly coerced & extorted from the public( RICO act ) Naturally we get arrested if we do it !
#3- This is a slush fund for those who run for any government office, and should be outlawed, it does NOT belong to them !
#4 -All tax monies are to be used for the building of America infrastructure to our benefit, not for the elite !
#5 -These perks with many others create new government offices, and agencies, causing larger and more corrupt positions.
#6 - To prove a move to less government and their intrusion into our lives,Deny this carrot on a stick, Stay honest !

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Don't do it Ron!