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Continuity of the US government - Bush won't give congress the plan

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The Bush administration has denied the entire Homeland Security Committee access to the White House plan for continuity of government in the case of a major terrorist attack.

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Comment by William Shaw
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More hogwash from our so called reps. They have the power to impeach, then we the people are able to sue for treason, They do nothing, but say very little.
Action, Definate action is the key, and they have seemed to have lost the desire to do anything but line their own pockets at our expense, Throw them all out,and don't replace any !
Who needs this type of government ? I don't !
P.S. Bush or no one else is going to disclose the reason for what they have planned for their New World Order Dictatorial government or where the center will be located.
Could it be in the underground bunker in good old VA.?