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There is no War on Drugs

• Bloody Mary Breakfast
There is no war on drugs even though there are armies, weapons, tactics, spies, and collateral damage. There are no definable or achievable objectives, no overwhelming force employed, and no ground gained or lost.

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Comment by William Patriot
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Well done Brock,
OK ! Let's name a few,George Herbert Walker Bush,as CIA director before being ushered in as president, with his illegal CIA members started introducing drugs into the USA and continue to do so today. This started with deals he made with members of the golden triangle.
Not satisfied with this power behind his activities,he also invested in arms deals and gun running activities.
The CIA has their influence in all wars started from their inception. It is about greed and money with power as a kicker.
The only socalled war on drugs , is the elimination of his competition.
Why do you think he has his idiot son at the wheel to keep our borders open for illegals to enter unrestricted,and now their trucks are transporting these drugs and arms to the center of our country as well as those who will use them against us.
Just see who the friends of the Bush family are and connect the dots !