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Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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While it could be compellingly argued that it might be a good thing to have access to intel weenies that are not beholden to the internal politics of a gov**Q**t bureaucracy or administration and who can give the straight poop on this or that,...assuming they aren**Q**t giving the company**Q**s own interested opinion,...imagine the following:

The CIA is forbidden from maintaining files on American citizens, except whereas they might somehow be involved in matters of international espionage. The FBI cannot keep files oncitizens either, except where there is suspicion of criminal activity. But PRIVATE persons or entities can accumulate any and all **QQ**open-source**QQ** data on you without any such restrictions. For decades now, the FBI has PAID stipends to private groups to do just that, and thereby get around the law. When the FBI asks **QQ**Concerned Private Entity A**QQ** what files they might have on John Doe, and they hand them over, there is nothing in federal law (currently) which prohibits that **QQ**sharing**QQ** of intel.

Now comes Blackwater/Prince Group/Total Intel Solutions, who have already expressed an interest in serving in providing privatized law enforcement services. While I am not opposed to that concept, I am leery, however, of private detectives on contract to the gov**Q**t who are not beholden to the same rules of conduct in investigation and intel gathering that sworn officers are. When we see how much abuse of civil rights the sworn officers get away with, one can only be very very concerned of what individuals without those restrictions might decide to do.

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