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Sean Hannity Forum Bans Ron Paul

Moderator suggests ban is temporary until the momentum of his November 5th fund-raising calms down.

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Comment by William Patriot
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To ban someone from free speach is the same as censorship, which is a dead giveaway of fear of the truth being revealed.
This in itself is the first clue of who favors dictatorship and power to control.
The tounge is a dangerous weapon or a tool for delivering truth and creating light where there was darkness.

Comment by Anonymous
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I want to laugh but this was predictable. Mr. 'core principles' Vannity has his candidate chosen and WE all know who that is - his name starts with a G. Perhaps THIS is a good thing - folks will figure out Limbaugh, Hannity, Hume, Medved, Hewitt, and a bunch of others are really all about establishment pandering in order to retain access to power. They are not on the 'cutting edge' as conservatives. More likely opportunists one and all. The REAL conservative according to the RECORD -- is Duncan Hunter. IF conservatives bothered to look at the record instead of merely name recognition or FACE time or who is most likely to carry the torch for the kleptocracy they will chose Guiliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain or Huckabee. Hunter's realistic views on the nature of the current commercial and financial community, open borders, political prisoners like Ramos and Compean, he is prolife, married for many many years, two sons served in the military as did HE. Hunter is not the libertarians' wet dream but if conservatives bothered to review the record and ignored the lamestream media on BOTH sides of the spectrum they would be better off. My problem with Ron Paul is he does NOT see that current 'market' or trade practices and illegal immigration and loss of sovereignty are JOINED at the hip. He is still blathering on about free trade and he stated to Peter Brimelow that he is FINE with the various visa scams that favor BIG multinationals -- and BIG government crowd not to mention the speculators and financial gamblors who now control the market and events. Paul is too much of an ideologue on trade -- he doesn't GET IT - Hunter does. My OTHER favorite candidate == oh that he would run is Wayne Rogers. I get up early on Saturday morning to watch and listen to him - he understands that the 'market' -- no longer free has been manipulated and obfuscated by the kleptocracy and marriage between BIG business and BIG government. Paul is not what people think he is because he is an ideologue and we have had enough of them. But it would be interesting if he ran as an independent or constitutional party candidate or libertarian. THAT might give the two wings of the same bird a run for their money.