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Botched Paramilitary Police Raids: An Epidemic of "Isolated Incidents"

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Comment by Bruce Barton
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What the para-military LEO**Q**s feeding like hogs at the federal trough don**Q**t understand, is that when their usefulness to the dictatorship is depleted, they, like the Nazi Brownshirts will be exterminated. The **QQ**peace officers**QQ** have forgotten their place in a civil society. They have traded respect for fear and fear always degrades into hatred.

Comment by William Shaw
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This type of unconstitutional, & Bill of Rights violations will continue as long as this government gives grants to law enforcement agencies who will do their bidding. This is all about the new world order of Geo. Herbert Walker Bush, his family and cronies of CFR.
Flagerant, in your face communist dictatorship of the USA.
The law enforcement agencies have been conditioned to obey this treasonious government who appoints the Supreme court and all Federal judges and prosecutors.
This is the very same thing Joseph McCarthy warned us about when he tried to evict all commies from this country, and was murdered in his hospital bed.
Then the treasonous congress & Senate forbid us to criticize any communist movement in this country, opening the door wide for infeltration and desaster.
The controlled news media went to work villifying Mc Carthy and convienced the uninformed of a witch hunt.
The rest is what we are experincing at the present,loss of liberty, and being accused of what these evil people are actually doing .
They accuse the accuser to cover their lies and treason.
If law enforcement doesn**Q**t wake up, the ploy of turning them against patriots,by the ADL,will eventually cause destruction for us all, including law enforcement.
Homeland Security is another ploy, for the head is none other than a commie agent KGB.
It**Q**s past time to rid ourselves of this evil which has infeltraited this once great country.
Who will stand up and be counted ?

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