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Ron Paul On Medical Marijuana

Ron Paul is asked what his opinion was on medical marijuana by Clayton Holton, a medical patient who asked Romney and Rudy the same question a few months ago. Rudy ignored him and Romney said he would arrest him for using medical marijuana

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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I'm glad the word "medical" appeared in the headline. Still, it's slightly suggestive.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Typical. Here is another war that Ron Paul wants to "cut and run" from. Yup. We have almost won this war. We just need a little more time, a few billion dollars more and a bunch more law enforcement apparatus. Perhaps a few tweaks to the laws to bring recalcitrant states to heel. And a few more of your civil liberties to give up. But you are not going to let screaming hordes of junkies crying for their next fix kill your children are you?!!!! It's for the kids! Vote Hillary/Giuliani-2008. A one party kumbiya. It is the only ticket to save this nation from the evil of marijuana.